Preventative Maintenance on Thermal Oxidizers Keeps Them Optimally Running

To reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere by various production techniques, companies will install an oxidizer on their production plant. Oxidizers combine chemistry and physics using a catalyst and heat to break VOCs into more neutral compounds. Oxidizers can usually perform with up to 95% efficiency, which means they can destroy 95% of the VOCs that pass through the system, but it takes a lot of energy to do so. Some oxidizers will heat up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit to destroy VOCs. Regenerative thermal oxidizers conserve energy by recycling the heat in the exhaust to preheat the next round of compounds. This can save companies energy and money, but it also adds to the environmental preservation efforts as well. In order to keep these machines running at maximum efficiency, companies employ a maintenance team or hire a service to perform regular upkeep and fix any issues.

When the oxidizer is down, production can come to a grinding halt. Companies may lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by missing one day of production. Producing as normal is also not an option due to strict environmental codes they are required to follow. When an oxidizer is down, all they can do is wait on the repairs. Just like with any machine in a residential home, regular maintenance on oxidizers can prevent many of these crisis situations from happening. Air filters need inspection, fan parts may require adjusting, temperature gauges must be calibrated, and oil levels of the compressed air lubricator need to be filled in order for an oxidizer to perform at its best. These are only a few of the items maintenance workers will check on their weekly, monthly, and yearly inspections.

When an oxidizer is beyond repair, the company will need to find replacement options as soon as possible. Used catalytic and thermal oxidizers are a great option for companies that need a machine quick and may not have the budget for a brand-new oxidizer. Used machines are inspected and verified as in working condition. Many companies can find affordable options for both small-scale jobs and large-scale jobs through oxidizer suppliers such as Intellishare Environmental.

Production companies that value the efficiency of their overall structure perform regular maintenance on their oxidizers and may even purchase a second one as a backup. Even working machines may need repairs that aren’t always apparent. Dirty or slow machines can reduce VOC treatment efficiency, which can drop the company below its environmental standards. Before the machine stops working, regular maintenance can save companies time and money by keeping production efficiently running.

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