Bri B.’s Tale of A Spirit Who Taught a Family That There Is Nothing More Than A Family

Boston MA – August 22, 2018 – Bri B. talks about as spirit wandering around a house where the family lives in the book entitle “Hender Nathaniels: He Didn’t Haunt, He Taught!” The story revolves around how the spirit became a part of a family and helped them be one instead of haunting them and tearing them apart.

Hender Nathaniels was the name of the spirit living in the house with the Westlyn family. The six-year-old girl of the family was the first one to see the Hender. Although the family had already known that there is indeed another being living with them. They have felt the presence, but haven’t seen it before their eyes. Only Nori, the six-year-old girl, was the only one who could see Hender.

But when Hender decided to reveal his true self in front of the whole family, all were surprised to see him. It was a bit scary at first, but Hender wasn’t the type of spirit who haunts, but instead is happy to be living under the same roof of the Westlyn family’s home that was once his.

Upon Hender’s revelation, the whole family has confirmed the truth behind Nori’s allegations and that the fact that there indeed really is a spirit living among them. But as the time goes by, Hender has found himself slowly becoming with the Westlyn family. He contributed a lot to the household.

Hender was able to help the Westlyn family cook and clean for knowing almost every corner of the house. But the greatest contribution of Hender to the family is his presence that made the relationship of the Westlyn family even stronger. Hender taught them that there is no other thing or matter higher than the family. That no matter how difficult it is to stay together, becoming strong together and fighting against the odds will bring forth happiness in the end.

The Westlyn family insisted, “Hender Nathaniels: He Didn’t Haunt, He Taught!”

This book by Bri B. is a reminder to all family that unbelievable things and difficult circumstances are not always there to break the bond apart. Instead, it helps strengthen the relationship and the foundation of the family to be able to withstand even greater waves in the future.

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About the author:

When Bri B. was younger, Bri was the type of child who has a lot of wild imaginations which brought forth to this and the other published books. In this book, Bri hopes to bring readers to believe that all things are possible, even if it means believing in the impossible.

“Now, Hender will be the young boy that takes you into a world of family. He will show you the importance of having a family and appreciating them. I have been a writer all my life, and I love exciting my readers with the next big surprise! Enjoy the journey of Hender Nathaniel’s!”

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