Senior Uber manager introduces the most advanced meme maker in the market

Meta Meme is a breakthrough meme builder app that allows users to create video and image memes in a jiffy without using complex tools.

Oakland, CA – August 22, 2018 – Meme lovers and meme makers rejoice! No more struggles with poor meme makers that force you to open complex video editor programs for a simple video meme. A new state of the art meme app has launched the most advanced meme maker in the market that enables video memes in just seconds! Titled “Meta Meme”, the state of the art meme app relieves you from the hassles of using complex video software programs for making edgy video memes. 

Meta Meme is currently available for iOS devices and an Android version is to be launched soon.

The man behind the revolutionary Meta Meme is Mr. Par Trivedi, a Senior Engineering Manager at Uber, in San Francisco, CA. Speaking on his inspiration behind Meta Meme, he said – 

“Meta Meme started because I wanted to create basic memes like you see on Instragram with the text on top and image on bottom. Then I realized there are not a lot of great video meme making apps. I made some video memes on my laptop and it required some complicated and expensive programs. I decided to build this into Meta Meme, make it dead simple to use, and offer it at a really low price.”

The value of Meta Meme is that it enables users to create video memes in a jiffy with videos from anywhere on the Internet. Users can also use videos from their video albums for a more customized experience. The app is even compatible with HD quality memes. 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to make video memes with Meta Meme. The app helps users with an easy search for videos, GIFs or images through keywords. Once you get the desired video, all you have to do is to trim the video start and end time. Then, you can customize it with your chosen caption, watermark and background color before you upload it on social media.

Speaking further, Mr. Trivedi assured plenty of customization features with Meta Meme. The most advanced meme maker enables users to resize or reposition a meme image or video. Users will also be able to customize font size and color to be incorporated in the meme. 

Meta Meme stands out with a host of cutting edge and convenient features: 

  • Creates most advanced video and image memes in just seconds and without use of any complex video editor programs
  • Allows anyone to make memes without any requirement of advanced tech knowledge
  • Offers access to a broad and versatile library of templates for memes on various topics and moods
  • Offers access to vast and versatile image library 
  • Ability to customize meme and watermark


“Meta Meme offers a more economical way to make advanced memes compared to buying expensive tools like Final Cut or Photoshop. While the latter process takes a whopping $2,000, our monthly subscription starts from a very nominal $2.08.” 

Meta Meme comes with a 3 day FREE trial facility for users. 

For more information and to download the app, please visit Apple Store

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