“Company Vakil is an online Company Registration Platform that helps you Incorporate a Private Limited Company at most affordable prices with help of its highly Expert CA, CS and Legal Consultants”
Company Vakil is an Online Company Registration Platform in India, that provides Private Limited Company Registration in India at most Affordable prices and allows a free access to its Company Name availability tool along with free consultations regarding Company Incorporation in India

India’s Fastest Growing Legal Registration Platform – Company Vakil is a Tech Legal start-up that provides services for registration of various forms of companies like private limited company, limited liability partnership, one person company, sole proprietorship, etc. The start-up’s services also include drafting of contracts like Terms and Service, Employment Agreements, Founder’s Agreements, etc.

It is the age of business. More and more people opt to follow their instincts, be innovative and choose to be the boss rather than have a boss. Start-ups and small businesses have become a new trend in the market as innovation takes the country by a storm. To start a business is not easy. One must have an idea that is cutting edge and unique. Once the idea is there, it is important to find capital for investment and equipment. When one has the necessary resources, the biggest question that they might face, is what form of corporation to use for their endeavor.

The Indian law provides for various types of corporations such as private limited companies, limited liability partnerships, sole proprietorship, OPC, etc. One must choose their form of corporation with deep care depending on the features of their business. Once the form of corporation is decided, the next important step is to have your company registered with the ROC.

A Private Limited Company is a popular choice amongst entrepreneurs. These are mostly small or medium businesses which are held privately by the owners. Since it is a ‘Private’ Limited Corporation, the public cannot be invited by it to purchase any shares. The term ‘Limited’ means that the Directors and shareholders’ liability is limited.

There is a limit on the number of shareholders, which is fixed at 50. The liability of all owners is limited by shares and shareholders are restricted from trading the shares publicly. Any Pvt. Ltd. Co. must also have a minimum of two members, which may go up to as many as two hundred, but not more. Pvt Ltd. Co. as a form of corporation has several advantages to offer. The first and the biggest advantage is that of limited liability. When an Entity is in financial trouble, its own assets are utilized, and the personal assets of its shareholders are not at risk. The only exception to this advantage is in a case where a fraud is perpetrated with regard to the Pvt. Ltd. Co. in question. An Online Company Registration also gets several tax related advantages. If the accounts are kept regularly and accurately, then in some cases their tax liability can be made lower than those of other forms of businesses. Financial statement must be filed within 9 months of the end of the Fiscal year. A Pvt. Ltd. Corporation has more flexibility as far as the conduct of the business is concerned.

Private Limited Company incorporation increases its advantages even further. For example, upon Private Limited Company Registration in India, the credibility of a business rises significantly. The business value of the corporation increases as well as its professional image, making it more credible and trustable by prospective investors, customers and vendors. It also eliminated duplicity and provides a uniqueness of the brand. Online Company Registration in India also allows a Pvt Ltd. Co. to exercise the option of converting into a Public Limited Company at a later stage. It also strengthens the position of limited liability and ensures that the personal assets of the members remain untouched by creditors. Since the registration process authenticates a startup’s existence, it allows Pvt Ltd. Co.’s to attract investors more easily and obtain funding.

The process of Company Incorporation in India is available online. One must obtain a Digital Signature Certificate to start with and follow up by obtaining Director Identification Number by all the directors. The next step is to decide a name and as a security make a list of a few proposed names for the business. These names must be approved and thereafter chosen in finality. Once the name is approved, the next step is to prepare the Article of Association and the Memorandum of Association. All of these documents must be filed with the concerned authority for verification. Once verified, a certificate of Incorporation is issued along with the PAN for the corporation.

Through Company Vakil’s hundred percent online process businesses can have their Private Limited Company registered within 14-16 days. Upon successful registration, they provide its customers with the Digital Signature Certificate for two Directors, The Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the entity, two Director Identification Numbers, the Certificate of Incorporation, the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association.

Company Vakil’s presence is spread across the Indian Subcontinent in all the possible states and cities, they provide Company Registration Services pan India. With a team of experts who are well informed and well trained in law, chartered accountancy and CS. As the one stop tech legal registration destination, their MCA linked Portal provides Company incorporation at the cheapest price across India which includes a zero cost for consultation and check for availability of the name for the entity. There are no added costs at any later stage and customers are made aware of every stage and every development in the process of their Private Limited Company Registration, to know more click here

Company Vakil is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and have a full-fledged redressal team for any queries or complaints from the customers. Should the redressal team fail to satisfy the customers, they can exercise the option of interacting with CEO and furthermore can even claim a money back guarantee upon unresolved dissatisfaction.

With help of Company Vakil Expert CA and CS, Private Limited Company registration of your business or startup will become a comfortable and seamless process.

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