Bike Chaser offer Free Service to Sell Bikes in Australian Market

Bike Chaser in their aim to improve the growth of the Australian cycling community is offering free services for interested bike riders by selling bikes in the Australian Market thereby boosting the cycling community and creating awareness for more cyclists in the Australian biker’s community. This free service will serve as a platform for bikers and others to freely trade their equipments.

Bike Chaser aims to revolutionize the cycling community with their platform which allows for buying and selling of bicycles and their accessories. This online platform has specialized bikes for sale and bicycles for sale which are top notch and of good quality. These bikes are checked for superiority and efficiency so as to ensure a supply of quality bikes to customers.

One of the popular specialized bikes for sale is the Langster Pro which is exceptional when it comes to track events and is not track specific. Referred to as the track monster, this purpose built bike possess a rock hard nature due to its A1 Premium Aluminum frame which gives it an edge for both mass start and timed events. Its strength emerges when combined with a race-specific build kit, as it tends to obscure and render other bikes useless, and takes center stage when it comes to long days at the velodrome. The A1 Premium Aluminum frame of the Langster Pro contains exciting features like a track-specific geometry, short head tube, and sleek designed aero-shaped tubing that join together to ensure an increase in the overall stiffness and speed in the sprints. Another noticeable feature is the carbon fork which aids in minimizing drag together with the perfect seat post. Also an inclusion of the NJS-certified Izumi V chain gives this bike a legendary status.

The Venge Pro ViAS is another bicycle for sale which was produced with the intent of making it faster than any other bicycle in existence. Bike Chaser offers this extraordinary bike for sale at an affordable price never seen before. This bike has an odd look with its scooped handlebars which helps maintain the riders position when in difficult terrain and a Rider-First Engineered frame and fork that feature a new level of aerodynamics. It also possesses the fastest wheels ever proving true to its claims of being the fastest bike ever.

Also in Bike Chaser catalogue is a strong and multi-purpose sport utility vehicle in the bikers community known as the GT Aggressor Expert.  The Aggressor is necessary for camping out and also needed when it comes to mountain trails or having fun with family and friends, as its versatility prepares it for any situation.

All the bicycles and accessories available at Bike Chaser come with its part fully assembled and with the free service being offered for the first 90 days.

About Bike Chaser

Bike Chaser was founded by bike enthusiasts Cameron Nicholls & Jonas Christensen due to the need for equipment’s that will make bike riders feel lighter, faster and perhaps even a lot cooler. As a passion of theirs they aim to use this platform in promoting the benefits and needs for growth of the Australian cycling community. This online platform will help unite cyclists through buying and selling of bicycle and its equipment’s, and also removing issues involved in these transactions. They also offer exclusive discounts for members.

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