Mandala (MDX) Aims for SEC Compliant Digital Asset Trading Exchange

There are dozens of trading platforms out there, but not all of the mare ones that investors can utilize in a safe and secure manner. One particular platform that aims to improve trading platform capabilities is Mandala Platform.

This virtual currency trading platform, which hopes to attract both beginner and experienced investors, is working on a fully SEC-complaint digital asset exchange for its users. The platform is expected to include several features, including a hardware wallet, which will keep one’s passwords, secure keys, and coins offline.

For those who are in the beginner category when it comes to digital trading will find that the platform has a functional token called MDX. This token can be utilized to enhance the platform’s features. As the platform’s team representative explain, although the platform has a high standard trading fee of 0.20 percent, token holders can reduce the fee up to 80 percent, which means that they’ll pay only 0.04 percent.

Further, the platform aims to launch several tools and resources for MDX token holders, including portfolio analytics, risk management tools, automatic and semi-automatic trade tools, and signaling systems. This information is all available in more details in Mandala’s white paper.

The platform also has a bourgeoning social media network. According to Nate Flanders, the co-founder and CEO of Mandala:

“I think having user rated experts can be really helpful to most notices and even seasoned traders. People need a place to connect, working with their peers and discovering new strategies, or even examining the basic methodology. It can be a major positive.”

Moreover, Mandala makes the process very easy for beginners. The white paper mentions that the platform includes step-by-step resources and tutorials, which are intended to provide individuals with the tools and resources necessary to take on proactive trading and better decision making when it comes to investments.

For example, Mandala’s team is working on developing materials that will help novice users recognize some of the most common mistakes, such as “panic-selling.” Additionally, the team is working on tutorials and on generating a “digital advisor” so that users can practice effective risk management strategies.

In a recent press release, the platform stated, “Customer experience is front of mind, in everything we do – make it safe, fair, fast – That’s what inspired us to start Mandala,” Anant Handa, the company’s co-founder stated.

Another interesting feature of the platform is the security mechanisms that the platform is working on. For instance, Mandala is looking to develop and manufacture a hardware wallet for users to place various cryptocurrencies.

This storage system will be safe, secure, and offline as well. The white paper mentions that the company has “road mapped a feature that will marry the Mandala Hardware Wallet directly to the exchange. This will allow users to seamlessly login to the exchange utilizing high quality fingerprint sensor technology.”

Of course, one of the main highlights of this entire effort is that the company plans to issue its MDX token sale on June 1st, a token sale which will be fully complaint with the SEC’s requirements for Reg S. Exemptions. This tier one offering exemption allows for unrestricted trading for tokens and the token will be distributed during crowd sale when the exchange launches.

Aside from securities licensing, the platform intends to acquire a broker dealer license and it also plans on registering with Alternative Trading Services.

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