Cooper, Short Film about politics in high school sports… Coming soon.

22 August, 2018 – Male Privilege is a fluid concept; however, embodied consciously and unconsciously in the values, norms of many cultures including the United States is that it belongs mostly to a white male.

A white male holds many privileges in comparison to a black male, and this is seen explicitly in the way Hollywood tells their stories.

Atlanta-based Bettina Horton, a beautiful black female filmmaker decided to produce a movie titled “COOPER”, with a vision of positively changing lives and the narratives of Hollywood that the black man does not have a voice.

In this groundbreaking film, a 15-year-old African American named Cooper plays basketball as every other boy in the school, however, his skills and talent in the court made him unique from everyone else.

This got him noticed by individuals that watched, many black folks including his coach who was also black told him to join the basketball team.

Unfortunately, this was met with resistance by the principal; a white man who told the coach that it was not his decision for cooper to join the basketball team, but the decision of the school board.

The playing out of a high level of politics in the school did not come as a surprise, as white rich kids were preferred over the average black kids. It was always going to be about having money, being elite and connected. Therefore, Cooper’s talent was never going to move to a school that thinks that way.

A black boy whose talent in basketball exceeded the other basketballers yet because of his status quo and not been in the league of other students parents who either worked at the school or had money, he was not deemed fit to join the team.

The movie Cooper has surpassed all expectation in film festivals has it is changing the mentality of Hollywood stories only showing white, heterosexual male-dominated narrative.

Did Cooper get a fair chance to play with the politics in high school sports that makes it seem like he will never, or was there a game changer? This you will find out in the movie. Click on the link to watch a preview.

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