August 22nd, 2018 – USA – With more software and hardware devices being developed, new computer malware and threats have surfaced. Software Setup group recommends antivirus software that gives protection to computer systems from threats of all kinds.

Windows is currently the most extended operating system as reflected in Stat Counter. Therefore, for individuals using Windows, the use of an antivirus is highly recommended. The antivirus is structured to be compatible across various platforms. It is well matched with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS and windows vista.  Nowadays, there are many threats to computer systems from infected emails with dangerous executable attachments when they are executed, to infected websites that lead to the download of malicious codes (worms), office documents like word and excel with macros that attack computer operating system, and spyware introduced by viruses, trojans, adware, ransomware, rootkits, etc to spy on personal data. Without the protection from a good antivirus, computer systems are exposed to all of this and can affect productivity.

The antivirus is very advanced and one of the most reliable antivirus software in the world to secure all hardware. With so many added advantages such as being easy to use and fixing problems in just one click, a Norton installed device can be traced if hijacked by chance and can delete all important data or can initiate monitor lock. The security service is also transferable and can be moved from one device to another via an online account, having up to 25GB of storage space. There’s also the option of keeping a safe password to prevent system hack and malware. In its overall performance, antivirus provides an adequate protection against firewall and malware.

“Everything changes. What worked a decade ago is no longer useful, and that is truer than ever in security — where the attackers are constantly changing, constantly looking for new loopholes. You can avoid being invaded by activating antivirus. The antivirus system has many advantages over the regular ones, providing Firewall security and Spyware security — fighting all forms of malware, a User Friendly interface — so you can feel at home and in control. The software also has a technical support team always at user’s disposal, a Resource Usage and an Online and local backup so you feel safe as well, while keeping your data safe.” A representative of the Software Setup group said, reviewing the antivirus. He also advised users of the antivirus to do their part by being more conscious of the sites they visit as well as the number of users of a computer system.

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