IT Company announces innovative approach to web and graphic design that attracts attention

Introduces professional design with full customization, pure code, and social media integration

Norway – In this digital age and time there is a need for businesses and individuals to present themselves in good light. Pixt would like to announce their IT services which include web development, graphic design, and app development. With these services, businesses will be able to take advantage of the genuine creativity and innovation offered by the company’s team of experts. They offer designs and implementations, pure code, and social media integration that improve the experience of customers, using the latest technology.

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“Every business and individual need to understand the importance of proper representation online. At Pixt, we offer you quality design and web development that puts you ahead of the competition. We operate in stages to ensure that you have a platform that is easy to navigate and very responsive. Our team of expert designers will listen to you and help you to create the kind of interface that fits your business needs and help you deliver goods and services to your clientele,” said Oystein, a representative of Pixt.

Pixt is more than just a company that create designs and build applications. They have a culture of excellence that is borne out of the desire to deliver innovative designs to their clients. The company’s team of experts operate in three stages to ensure that every customer gets the kind of job that fits their business. Every job passes through the idea stage where the concept for the app, website or design is established. The next stage involves the design where all structural elements of the site are created, while the development stage is where the application is developed with full functionality.

Pixt specializes in web design so that businesses can promote their goods and services to a local and global audience. They also help develop mobile applications as millions of people now make use of their mobile devices to engage with service providers. The company also offer graphic design for branding needs in terms of logo, user interface, and more. With their special package, customers will get one-year hosting, handmade design, customized work, and professional application.

“Working with Pixt on my new site for graphic design and other things was all I needed for my brand. They were very professional with their approach and I enjoyed the interaction with the team. Every aspect of my site was developed based on my desires and it amazes me how they are able to come up with something so unique and interesting,” said Egil D, a customer.

About Pixt

Pixt is an IT company with the desire to deliver the very best in design and web development for clients. The company has a team of experts who have helped many businesses and individuals develop and implement a responsive online platform.

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