ShapeXtra launches the new adjustable Posture Corrector on Amazon

Leading manufacturers of fitness and health products, ShapeXtra, announces the launch of the unique Posture Corrector

ShapeXtra is looking to take the world by storm! Its’ goal is to become one of the leading producers of premium quality fitness and health products for men and women, with its range of future products to include high-end waist trainers, sweat belts, posture correctors, lumbar supports, muscle toners, maternity belts, and even a shoe line. As part of the company’s commitment to ensuring people of all age groups and gender are healthy and happy without having to break the bank, ShapeXtra recently announced the launch of a new product – the Posture Corrector by ShapeXtra, which is currently available on Amazon.

The posture is an important aspect of the body with studies showing that the body posture does not only affect the physical appearance of an individual but can also have a significant effect on an individual’s psychology. Consequently, people pay attention to their posture, which has led to the emergence of different types of posture correction solutions. However, most of the solutions currently available have failed to address the needs of users and ShapeXtra is looking to make a difference!

The product is designed to help relieve lower back and neck pains, and to help individuals that want to correct their posture and look more confident. Made of breathable materials like Neoprene and Bamboo, the corrector offers a comfortable fit while delivering instant results; allowing users to wear it while working, during yoga sessions, exercising and even sleeping.

Unlike other correctors that may cause some tension around the armpit area, ShapeXtra’s Posture Corrector comes with underarm pads and a carry bag for extra comfort and easy storage. The adjustable straps also bring comfort, while ensuring that it fits different chest sizes of between 28” and 48”.

The Posture Corrector by ShapeXtra is currently available on Amazon, backed by a manufacturer’s 30-day money back guarantee.

More information about the posture corrector and other amazing products from ShapeXtra can be found on the website. ShapeXtra is also available across different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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ShapeXtra is a company dedicated to producing premium quality yet affordable fitness and health products for men and women. They are looking to expand their inventory to include high-end waist trainers, sweat belts, lumbar supports, muscle toners, maternity belts, and shoes.

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