Suvidha Eye Services in Delhi Releases Poly Methyl Methacrylate as a High-Quality Artificial Eye Material

Suvidha Eye Service is an artificial eye clinic in Delhi. The artificial eye is made of a high-quality material for a maximal result.

There are several types of eyes diseases which make the patients have to lose the eye. Those diseases included are evisceration, enucleation, exenteration, and phthisis bulbi. The solution of getting the confidence back is by taking an artificial eye. Suvidha Eye Service is an artificial eye service in Delhi which covers various types of artificial eye procedure such as ocular prosthesis, orbital prosthesis, spectacle-mounted, scleral shell, and many more. The function of the artificial eye procedure is not giving back the sight, but it helps the patients to get the aesthetic appearance to get their confidence back.

The procedure is to make the patients have a balanced eye just like normal people have. As the best artificial eye service in Delhi, the clinic has a complete service and the services are done with the latest procedure. The goal is to make the results close to the original eye. The artificial eye is also made of the latest method and high-quality material. For example, the patients are able to take ocular prosthesis in which this artificial eye is made of a thin and hard polymethyl methacrylate. In specific, the material is a type of special resin and commonly it is called as acrylic or acrylic glass. This artificial eye is suitable for the patients who are suffering from an eye damage under the eyelids. The artificial eye is supported by a comfortable to use the socket and the material makes the product long-lasting. The material is not only chosen only to give comfort but also to keep away from any eye complication, infection, or irritation.

A scleral shell is also a suitable artificial eye procedure to fix a disfigured eye, shrunken eyeball, and the existing blind eye. The main function of this procedure is to fit and make the improper eye symmetrical. The goal is to get the natural appearance back to increase confidence. The procedure is done by putting a thin prosthesis for about 1mm or even less than 1mm. The thin design will make the artificial eye comfortable to use and looks like a real eye. Later, people can’t see the difference between the artificial eye and the normal eye. Suvidha Eye Service is also a place for the custom artificial eye in Delhi. The procedure is done by professional ocularists in India by analyzing the eye problem first. The analysis is used to decide the type of artificial eye needed to wear by the patient. Then, the ocularists will do the procedure and the patient can see the result as soon as possible. 

About Suvidha Eye Service:

Suvidha Eye Service is an artificial eye clinic located in New Delhi. The service covers various methods, including the custom artificial eye. The best part is the use of Poly Methyl Methacrylate as the material of the artificial eye.

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