GoldBox to Accept Binance Coin (BNB) as Collateral for Instant Crypto-backed Loans

As a pioneer in the financial technology industry, GoldBox is building a new ecosystem to bring about a change in the complicated and unfair digital currency loan market. Goldbox’s loan business is not limited to China. It will provide stable digital asset mortgage services to investors from all over the world, and strive to be a digital asset management platform.

The market value of global digital currencies is expected to reach more than 10 trillion US dollars in the next two years, and digital currency investors will reach more than 200 million.The blue ocean market of blockchain assets is bound to be completely detonated. At present, the bank’s financial services do not recognize the value of digital currency and cannot provide digital asset mortgage services. Based on distributed accounting, intelligent contracts and consensus mechanisms, decentralization, authenticity and other features, Goldbox will provide pledge loans for digital currency holders.

GoldBox is building a distributed loan ecosystem that can make mortgages anytime, anywhere.  Users can use different digital currency as collateral for this loan. there are many kinds of currencies in the digital market, and the price fluctuations are fluctuating at present and the price fluctuations fluctuate greatly. Uender these circumstances, the Golden Box will provide mortgage lending services for relatively stable tokens on the market.

GoldBox conducted a detailed survey of BNB, analyzing market trading opportunities, currency dispersal, exchange acceptance, community and media activity. As a platform currency project, BNB is backed by the big exchange Binance, which is more reliable than other currencies.

Comprehensive analysis: BNB’s market transactions are very active, and it is expected that prices will remain at a high level in the future, and the currency price has good stability. As a platform currency, most of BNB is transaction on Binance, but also trades on other exchanges. The BNB community is highly active and the media attention is quite high. In summary, GoldBox will use BNB as one of the mortgage currency.

GoldBox wallet lays out the digital asset ecology by creating the entrance to the blockchain world. From the user’s practical point of view, through the asset security storage, mortgage lending, asset gain management, DApp ecological applications and future asset management service solutions, together to build an ecological map of digital assets.

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