The Chairman of ManMing Holding Group: Wang Haiqiao CICC opens a blockchain exchange window for the new world

Bitcoin is dead. Bitcoin has been around for eight years, almost as long as the Chinese people’s resistance against Japan… Relying on its unique blockchain technology and smart contracts, bitcoin has become the digital currency of the Internet era, and is receiving more and more attention from people around the worldnote. It is completely free from the characteristics of “human” manipulation, so that the commercial exchange behavior that relies on Bitcoin can be carried out almost forever in the context of fairness and consensus.

The emergence of bitcoin, can be regarded as the Internet civilization of industrial civilization in the popular bones engraved with the exploitation of the brand of traditional financial system (full of unfair,inefficient, artificial control, moral corruption and other root abuse) sounded the first revolutionary clarion call.Over time, the traditional financial forces of bitcoin attitude from neglect, contempt to exclusion, suppression… A remarkable change is taking place step by step.Finally, in 2017, the traditional financial forces deeply recognized: bitcoin as the representative of the digital currency (Internet revolution product) replace the existing legal currency trendit is unstoppable (a large number of efficient, fair and transparent new financial models will be created around the digital currency). If this trend continues, the time when new financial models are emerging is when the good times of the traditional financial “colonization” of all mankind have come to an end.

Financiers who rely on “blood-sucking” to get rich do not simply give up. After a clear recognition that bitcoin is driven by the internet revolution and is unstoppable, financiers are finally coming up with a plan to incorporate popular digital currencies such as bitcoin into traditional financial markets such as currency futures, Then the fate of Bitcoin is firmly in its own hands through instruments such as the currency futures trading system (traditional financial control) and trading leverage that now pervade the world.


Blockchain and intelligent contract itself is sought after by the public, because it is not “people” for the transfer of will and permanent fair, consensus properties.But bitcoins, which have been “incorporated” by the traditional financial system, are no longer able to demonstrate the advantages of any blockchain or intelligent contract… In the future, the war of overthrowing the traditional financial Dynasty by digital finance will become more and more fierce. I believe that digital finance will finally be proud of the world. However, at the time when the traditional financial system incorporated bitcoin, the once digital financial honourof kings, has completely left the ranks of digital finance.It will soon sink into the “puppet army” of traditional speculative financial services. Bitcoin is dead!He did not endure until the victory of the eight-year war of resistance, but fell into the dawn…

March 7, 2018, with the world’s third largest digital currency exchange “currency security” hackers fermentation, a planned and purposeful looting of the global digital currency players the action has begun. From the day the famous digital currency was included in the global futures trading system, the looting has been inevitable, almost all types of digital currency player’s lifeluck is left to become “leek”, be trampled upon and cannot avoid.Whether it is itself more and more close to the traditional financial mode of the stock exchange operation of various types of digital currency exchange, or to build a bitcoin, etheric Square and other digital currency trading with the futures trading system, which must be carried out, air bidding ( sitting market ) trading mode directly gives the ability to control the global gold financial market bigwigs have special opportunities to make money.

In the case of the coin security hacking, just a small hacker invasion of the “currency security” exchange, caused almost all of the world’s digital currency plummeted, and the financial Titans who have long “shorted” the world’s digital currencies have made at least $10 billion from these “empty” lists in just four hours.With the success of this little attempt to generate profits through hacking, it has nothing to do with the real economy the “dead point” of the digital currency system has been completely locked by the traditional financial bigwigs, and the rest is a feast of cutting leeks with different manifestations, this is also a lot of traditional financial spokesman at the beginning of the speech: It is an important reason of speaking that  2018 digital currency will die… Looking at the development of digital assets in China and the market results of the coin security incident, if you still do not understand why the business model of CICC will subvert the traditional digital asset exchange, you really might want to say goodbye to the super-rare business opportunity of the new age… In order to gain a clear understanding of the core connotation of the “new era,” It is really necessary to stand on this extremely rare outlet for transformation (don’t be a leek at will) and become a shareholder of the CNS project. Be sure to visit ManMING holding group, the most important opportunity in 2018 is only waiting for you here!

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