Zhong Chen Lan Tian with Perlyne are making people’s lives and the world better

On August 17, 2018, Perlyne natural mineral water spray landed on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square. The advertisement was featured with “Perlyne Blue”. It highlighting the characteristics of Perlyne natural mineral water spray which is close to nature and let nature participate in your beauty and health .

In the beautiful north of France, A very pure underground river flows through the Avisnuva national forest park. Its composition contains no nitrates at all and it is a gift from nature to humanity.

Perlyne natural mineral water spray is part of the Elysée Cosmétiques, France. The source of Perlyne spray is this river. The water of  Perlyne has used was extracted from the underground water-bearing strata, which are filtered through the underground natural strata. Its proportion of natural ingredients is almost perfectly matched by nature, and the ph level fits the human skin perfectly. The Perlyne spray  can soothing to sensitive skin and do not contain nitrate at all. All those characteristics making Perlyne spray’s a very high quality.

Using Perlyne spray in your daily life can keep your skin moist and lubricated for protection from the environment. It can be replenished at any time of the day, such as working hours, fitness, morning and evening before your makeup. The Perlyne spray is medically safe for all types of people. Perlyne natural mineral water spray will become an indispensable daily necessities in your life!

Zhong Chen Lan Tian Environmental protection Polytron Technologies Inc is located in Beijing, China. Wang Xiuguang is the Chairman of the company. Zhong Chen Company has always deemed it its duty to development of forestry, improve environment and establishing a nascent industrial system. The company combines the scientific research, desertification control、forest Carbon Sinks and biomass regeneration set in one of the large joint-stock company. This company boasts of its technological development force, it’s self-developed products Bamboo willow  is the main tree species promoted by the company. Based on Bamboo willow, Zhong Chen develope and manufacture the scrimber. It will realize the green economy circular industrial chain, stimulate local economy, and assist local governments in accelerating anti-poverty projects.

Zhongchen Lantian began in 2015 in Beijing, China, as an is an environmental industry company and has since expanded to include health industry. The company has set up a health industry management center, which is specialized in the import, market development and marketing of cosmetic and skin care products. The company has a professional team in France and has a long-term relationship with famous cosmetics laboratories in Europe. It is committed to exploring and contacting with European brands of cosmeceutical skin care, developing cosmeceutical care products and health care products, and carrying forward the essence of traditional Chinese health industry to Europe, in the hope of bringing better products to the Chinese and European markets.

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