Student Tests for English as a Foreign Language

Many students planning to study abroad in an American or Canadian college or university must take a test to evaluate their ability to understand and speak English. The test is called the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For people trying to achieve a high score, English websites like Grammarist have plenty of English as Second Language (ESL) resources. 

Is the TOEFL and ESL the Same Test? 

No. ESL is not a test. It a language course for learning English. Most of these programs are in colleges and universities. However, there are some independent programs that help people learn English and understand the cultural and social activities connected to the English language. 

The goal of ESL is to improve a person’s level of English. The program teaches various language skills depending on the student’s ability to speak English, their interests and needs. Each ESL program includes conversational English, listening, grammar and comprehension. The program also focuses on vocabulary and writing. 

What is the TOEFL Test? 

The TOEFL examination is a standardized test to measure a person’s ability to read, write and comprehend English. The examination is offered by Educational Testing Services (ETS), which is a non-profit organization. The TOEFL has two versions: the TOEFL PBT and TOEFL iBT. The PBT is the paper-based test. The iBT is the internet-based test. The content of the versions is the same. They include writing, reading, speaking and reading. It generally takes four hours to complete the examination. 

The Exact Score Needed on the TOEFL Depends on the School 

A person can obtain a test score ranging from zero to 120. The score 120 is the highest score achievable on the examination. All TOEFL scores are only valid for two years after the test is completed. All TOEFL test results are posted online about two weeks after the test date. 

The exact score needed to be accepted into a college, or university varies by school. This means the school may accept 50 as a minimum score to pass or 100. It’s important to check with each school’s admission department to know the exact score needed. 

Studying for the TOEFL Test Includes Using English Resources 

Many online resources, like Grammarist, are available to prepare students for the TOEFL. They can often be found under the Resource tab on a grammar website. It’s important to include ESL and other English resources to increase a person’s understanding and ability to speak the English language. 

An Extra Incentive for Taking the TOEFL Test 

When studying English, it’s important to use a variety of English resources. The hard work may lead to help with school tuition. A person taking the TOEFL test can earn a TOEFL scholarship based on their test scores. The scholarship is awarded for showing excellence and communication proficiency in English. Many students are eligible for this scholarship such as students in Japan, India and Taiwan. However, a student should verify eligible to determine if their score will be considered.

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