P-Care Demonstrate in New Trend of Human Intelligent Life FN Robotics Company Perform at 2018 (WRC)

Beijing, China – on August 15, 2018, “2018 World Robot Conference (WRC)” held grand opening ceremony in Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition & Convention Center.

The famous robot enterprises converged in such conference as the international grand meeting with the highest specification in China’s Robot industry.

The subordinate intelligent robot products was headed by P-Care of China’s independent innovation leading enterprise FN Robotics Company (hereinafter referred to as FN) and appeared collectively and wonderfully.

On the opening ceremony on August 15, the “Zhongrui (Switzerland and Sweden) Intelligent Robot Industry Development Cooperation Forum” which was organized by 2018 World Robot Conference Organizing Committee (Chinese Institute of Electronics) and undertaken by FN, was successfully held and became the high lights  with the global attention at such conference.

Heavyweight honored guests such as Zhang Hongtu, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics,

Liu Qian, the Board Chairman of FN Robotics Company,

Wang Danwei (FN – Chief Global Scientist), the professor of NANYANG Technological University Singapore,

Stefan Weber (FN – Special Invited Expert), the professor of University of Bern,

Rolf Pfeifer (FN – Special Invited Expert), the co-founder of Swiss National Center of Robot, Matthias Clostermann (FN – Special Invited Expert), the founder of Living With Robots Company, etc. as well as famous experts in the intelligent robot field attended such forum conference and carried out the keynote speech and dialogue.

In the meantime, the forum invited the relevant domestic industry association, research institute, government and enterprise representative for participation.

During the forum, the honored guests exchanged enthusiastically on such topics as “Intelligent Robots and Future Human Life and Work”, “Current Situation and Development of Collaborative Robots” and “International Cooperation in the Field of Intelligent Robots” etc., and shared the industrial achievements and experiences, with active ideas and wisdom, displaying brand innovation achievements, exploring the cooperative ways, looking forward to the future vision of intelligent robots, and obtaining the plentiful achievements.

This conference exhibited the intelligent products in the four major industries of FN business line, including old-age disabled, health care, lifelong education and intelligent collaboration.

The most exciting part is the P-Care integrated service robots developed by FN Robotics Company.

P-Care is an integrated service robot independently developed by FN Robotics Company,  combined with expertise of FN European R&D team and domestic excellent production capacity and experience.

P-Care relieves the labor intensity of taking car of children through life support and emotional reassurance, and provides the system solutions for a series of specific problems in an aging society.

Taking the China’s Traditional human sympathy, FN Robotics Company carries out the research on the robots field for old-age people care, disabled assistance, health care, lifelong education and intelligent collaboration.

FN Robotics aims to establish a opening more widely international platform and create more industrial achievements in the robot application field.

FN Robotics Company represents the creative spirit of Chinese High tech company and Chinese wisdom and strength to the development of human civilization, with actively chasing after the booming trend of intelligent industry.

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