The Digital Asset Blockchain Ecological Leader – HeroCoin (HRC), Will Solve Major Problems In The Game Field

The concept of digital assets originated from the blockchain. In the early days, digital assets refer to tokens based on blockchain technology. In the later stage, they have been derived into real-life information-based assets. Based on HREOCOIN’s professional blockchain technology, HEROCOIN’s innovative Internet models as an auxiliary, HRC creates virtual digital currencies with long-term investment value. Under the premise of blockchain technology, it creates a commercial blockchain ecosystem that can both self-circulate and expand outward.

The Digital Asset Blockchain Ecological Leader - HeroCoin (HRC), Will Solve Major Problems In The Game Field

At present, there are more than 2.2 billion gamers worldwide. The total market value of the game industry has reached $108.9 billion, with an annual growth rate of 7.8%. By 2020, its market value will increase to $128.5 billion. However, for the players, the game industry has a huge pain point: centralization, the interests of players are difficult to guarantee. Serious centralization, online game regulatory issues, unsafe security, asset trading issues, etc. are stubborn complaints that have been criticized under current technological conditions. One end is a game maker like God, and the other end is a player who pays silently but whose rights are difficult to guarantee. “I don’t understand, whether I play games or games play with me.” This has become a famous phrase in the game industry.

For example, HEROCOIN realizes the decentralization of the game industry through the blockchain, and the electronic wallet and tokens developed on the basis of the technology of Ethereum blockchain underlying technology, the consensus mechanism with multiple transaction entities, distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission and encryption algorithms. Because the blockchain is untamed and decentralized, it can solve the hidden dangers and unfairness of funds in the scenario. Through the game experience platform, game social system and game payment system, the global game industry can achieve more effective supervision and all-around control of account, capital and transaction.

The Digital Asset Blockchain Ecological Leader - HeroCoin (HRC), Will Solve Major Problems In The Game Field

Interestingly, the participating games are completely decentralized. The game data is recorded on a distributed system, and the game developer can’t modify it at all. At the same time, there is no charge for trading or community activities. So what do they rely on to make money?

As more and more people participate in the game, tokens (HRC) are becoming more and more valuable. In platform games, the identity of developers and players is blurred. Everyone has only one common goal: to make the pie of the community bigger and to increase the value of the token in the hand. Every player is also amazingly a “shareholder” of the game, and can make money as the game grows.

If the game turns into a HEROCOIN platform, the monopoly of the game channel will be broken, because the game participants, they are also “shareholders”, in order to add value to their tokens, they will spare no effort to promote the game. Just like social fission, if the game is good enough, the number of participants will grow geometrically. This kind of game world seems to be worth looking forward to.

In this way, blockchain and games can be said to be very compatible. On the one hand, the core technologies of the blockchain, such as distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms, have strong application prospects in games. On the other hand, what is the difference between blockchain games and current mainstream games? That is, it allows you to truly control the “property rights” of virtual assets. Derived from the game, the blockchain may be able to reshape the traditional chain in this way.

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