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Residents in Miami are wasting money on electric bills thanks to old and damaged air conditioning units. Miami based air conditioning expert Freezing Mechanical is helping homeowners save up to 50 percent off their next electric bill.

A leading Miami air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement company have launched a campaign to help residents in Miami understand why their electric bills may be higher than they normally are. Freezing Mechanical, who for the past fifteen years has been maintaining and replacing air conditioning units in Miami have stated they can help people to save up to 50 percent on their next electric bill.

One of the biggest questions people ask in Miami ask they receive their electric bill is why is it so high? Freezing Mechanical who help to reduce electric bills by maintaining, repairing and replacing air conditioning units has the answer.

Air conditioning units are vital In Miami but while they are important if they are not maintained and not working properly they could increase electric bills. It is not just the electric bills that people should worry about. If an air conditioning unit is not working properly then it can also cause health problems.

The following reasons are why the air conditioning unit could be increasing electric bills:

1.) Dirty Air Filter

If an air filter is dirty, then that means the air conditioning unit will not be able to work properly and will use more electricity while trying to do the job it was built for. By replacing the air filter, it will not only allow it to work properly and reduce the amount of electricity it uses, it will also remove any health problems that a dirty air filter can cause.

2.) Failing Parts

If there are parts that are broken or not working to their full potential it means that the air conditioning unit will use more electric. It is important to have an air conditioning unit maintained at least once a year to check that all parts are in working order.

3.) Duct Leaks

The duct is an important part of the air conditioning unit, if this is not working properly then it means it is working longer and harder and hence costing more in electric.

4.) Lack Of Maintenance

If an air conditioning unit is not maintained at least once a year it could result in the unit not working properly and using more electric than it should. By having it maintained properly it not only means the homeowner has a good working air conditioning unit, it also means electric bills will be much cheaper.

5.) Old Systems

Air conditioning units have changed over the years but there are still millions of people in Miami who are using outdated air conditioning units which are not energy friendly. It is much more cost effective to have an expert to have a look at an old air conditioning unit and see if it needs replacing with a more environmentally friendly unit.

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At Freezing Mechanical, customer service and satisfaction are their top priority. They strive for customer satisfaction and lasting loyalty. For the past 15 years, their dedication to excellence has earned them their reputation as the leading HVAC contractor in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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