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Throughout history, immigrants from countries all over the world have sought refuge in Latin America. Those from the Middle East and Japan found sanctuary in several Latin American countries to escape their worn-torn and dangerous homelands. Spanish and Italian immigrants wandered to Latin America to find wealth when the European economy took a downturn in the early 20th century. Generations later, some long to return to their countries of origin once they have restored their political and economic stability. Others have taken root and adopted Latin America as their own. Today, those searching for something better, or just something different, continue to flock to these southern countries for their own slice of paradise.

Like the immigrants of old, some travelers still only stay for a season, while others are taking up permanent residence. Whether it’s for a job relocation, a retirement home, or a spontaneous long-term adventure, many transplants hope to bring their cars with them using this site: Costa Rica is one of the more popular places Americans are choosing to live, and many find that shipping a car to the main city or one of the ports are the easiest ways to bring their vehicle with them. offers low price points and free estimates for anyone curious about how the process works.

Shipping a car with a large load of other cars means the cost is defrayed for owners. There are even several options for shipping, so customers can find an option that fits their budget. Although owners may pay an import tax, port fees, and other added expenses in shipping their car, it should still cost less to ship a car than it does to buy a new one in the destination country. Some countries, such as the Dominican Republic, have strict vehicle import restrictions. For instance, only cars 5 years and younger are permitted into the country, and there is a 20% customs tax for the value of the vehicle itself. outlines more of the restrictions for the Dominican Republic.

Moving is rarely easy. Moving to a completely different country is even more complicated! However, companies like Ship Overseas help make the process a little smoother for pleasantly affordable rates. Immigrants to any country often must choose which comforts from home they will leave behind, but one as expensive as a car is not easily given up. Luckily, many travelers have found that shipping their car isn’t as expensive as they thought using these bulk shipping services.

About Ship Overseas:

Ship Overseas Inc. is a reputable provider of international car shipping services. The company is shipping cars to and from the USA to Europe, Central and Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. With more than 3 decades of experience, the freight forwarded is a licensed NVOCC by the Federal Maritime Commission (license # 019334) and is providing Roll-on/Roll-off and Container shipping services.

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