Crowdservice Launches New Crowdsourcing Job Platform with Low Fees and Attractive Features

Mt. View, CA – August 23, 2018 – Outsourcing work is the latest way to get jobs done conveniently at the most reasonable price. Crowdservice is a new on-demand labor platform now available across the United States, with their initial release focusing on the San Francisco Bay area. Crowdservice offers a convenient mobile task platform that is highly competitive when it comes to posting and bidding for a vast variety of jobs, both skilled and unskilled. Uniquely, Crowdservice’s business model also addresses the “frustrated worker” problem of many on-demand labor platforms, by allowing workers the freedom to set their own prices.

Labor outsourcing is today being performed globally and offers the fastest way to accomplish a job requirement. Crowdservice is a “one-stop shop,” the first platform of its kind where any job can be accomplished, from domestic work and auto repair to shopping, delivery, tech support and courier.

Hiring apps are expensive to run and limited in scope. Crowdservice handles all job types by crowdsourcing the labor pool, while our software and efficient business model guarantee personal and financial security,” says Michael Duran of Crowdservice.

It takes less than 30 seconds to post a job on the mobile application and start getting bids. Payment is made only when a bid is accepted. Users pick the bid they want to go with based on price quote, reputation of the workers/bidders and their vetting levels. An escrow account keeps the money safe until the job is done to satisfaction. Money handling is automated using Stripe Connect, and the software tracks each job in detail, which allows the customer service team to mediate if human judgement is required to ensure fairness.

Crowdservice is so efficient, that we are able to charge only a 9% service fee (to the Bidder) on all jobs. Compare that to 20%-30% for other on-demand platforms. Customers pay less, and Bidders keep more of their money,” says Michael. “Now even little jobs are practical, like dog walking, or coffee delivery for example.”

For workers and bidders, the platform is fun to use, and ranks can be built over time to show one’s reputation on their profile page and in-persona map maker. Trust and reputation increase with the number of jobs completed.

An additional feature of Crowdservice is that it allows users to perform free jobs, something that will be attractive for charities. The platform does not charge service fee on charity jobs, but awards a Karma point to the bidders which give them another way to strengthen their reputation, and also earn special prizes from Crowdservice.

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