How to distinguish a 3 carat morganite ring from the shape?

3 Carat morganite ring is quite a big gemstone ring.While a lot of rings are only mentioned about dimensions,how do we distinguish the carat fromso many shapes of morganite?Here BBBGEM will choose the top 5 shape morganites to get the data.The top 5 shapes are round,oval,pear,cushion and princess.

Round Shape Morganite: Normally the weight of 9mm round morganite is about 2.3 carat,If you want to purchase a 3ct morganite,you have to choose a 10mm round cut one.However,if you only need the gemstone looks like 3 carat,9mm round morganite ring is ok.


9mm round morganite halo ring in BBBGEM store.

Oval Shape Morganite: An 8x10mm Oval cut one can be about 2.4ct,if you want a 3 carat morganite ring,you have to choose a 9x11mm one. Or purchase a 8x10mm oval morganite with a halo diamond design.


9x11mm Oval Morganite Ring in BBBGEM store.

Pear Shape Morganite : This is a very popular shaped stone in the last 2 years. A 9x11mm Pear cut one is about 3.15ct, a lot of customers like it while some want it be more bigger.Here is a 10x12mm big pear shaped morganite rose gold ring in BBBGEM store. Very stunning ring, right?


10x12mm Pear shaped morganite ring in BBBGEM store.

Cushion Cut Morganite: A 9mm Cushion stone is about 3.2ct. Yes for 3 carat morganite ring, It is a better choice to get a 9mm Cushion morganite, or you can get an 8mm cushion morganite halo ring. By the way, the weight of 9x11mm cushion morganite is also above 3 carat, you can choose it as an irregular cushion shaped stone.


9x9mm Cushoin Cut Morganite Ring in BBBGEM store.

Princess Cut Morganite: This shape is very similar to cushion, it is also called square shape. A 9mm princess cut morganite ring is good for your choice.


9x9mm Princess Cut Morganite Ring in BBBGEM store.

Besides the 5 most popular shape morganites, there are a lot of other shapes. For example: Weight of 10x10mm trillion cut morganite is more or less to 3 carat. Another way to make the weight look like 3 carat is that you purchase a smaller size morganite but give the gemstone one halo or double halo.


There is another thing BBBGEM want to remind you: Different Morganite cutting will result in different weight of morganite. If you want to purchase a 3 carat morganite ring, don’t look for the exact weight. Researching by the dimension of the stone size, you will find a lot of beautiful rings.

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