New Products From Popular Brands Now Added In The Stock Of China-Hifi-Audio For Worldwide Audiophile Music Lovers

Some of the new products include Choseal RCA Audiophile audio cable, Xiangsheng 728a preamplifier and Xiangsheng DAC-05B. These products are technologically advanced and are bound to enhance the joy of listening to all types of music of the users.

Recently, China-Hifi-Audio announced their yet another stock update with several new products from popular brands like Xiangsheng, Choseal and others. The products include audio cable, preamplifiers and DAC and DSD decoder. For all music lovers, the online tube amplifier has upgraded its stock to offer an extensive range of products at reasonable prices. There are many products that are also sold with free shipping, bringing more cost benefits for customers.

The spokesperson of the online store reveals that they have the Choseal RCA Audiophile audio cable, available in the length range of 0.4 meters to 1.5 meters. Besides, they also offer custom lengths that a customer may require. With an excellent shielding structure, the RCA audio cable provides the necessary link between a CD player and a tube amplifier. The cable is the best suited to be used in a hi-fi audio system for obtaining a clean and pure signal output. According to the spokesperson, this RCA audio cable is designed to bridge the connection between a CD player and an amplifier to maximize the signal capacity without any kind of interference.

New Products From Popular Brands Now Added In The Stock Of China-Hifi-Audio For Worldwide Audiophile Music Lovers

Another important product update comes in the form of Xiangsheng 728a tubepreamplifier, which is the upgraded version of the 2015 preamplifier. With an elegant appearance, this extraordinary preamplifier retains all essential features of the 2015 version, while adding some new advantageous features as well. The new features added include more reasonable, beautiful and leaner layout. The new 728A adopts silver front panel with thick aluminum alloy plating with an increased unique electron tube that displays a big window.  The background features a red-orange look with an advanced sandblasting paint. Besides a dignified look, the preamplifier has also been added with some more astounding functionality.

The all new Xiangsheng DAC-05B is also there for customers to enjoy clear and powerful sound quality. With a bigger R-core transformer, the new DAC gets enough power to release nice quality sound. This new product is now officially available in the stock of China-Hifi-Audio, which can be used for directly decoding the DS chip. With a 7V voltage supply, the product is far better than a 5V voltage supply on the dynamic sound fields. It uses quality Russian or made in USA tubes, and supports Apple Phone and Apple Mac system’s free drives. The DAC also features an upgraded R-core transformer and high quality constant transformer with isolation layers. The transformers with oxygen-free copper wire wounds are suitable for high index signal regeneration and delivery.

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