LA Mommy blogger making parenting easier through personal stories and cute mommy & me fashion

The Overwhelmed Mommy offers a sneak-peek into the struggles, trials and triumphs of parenthood through personal stories shared by a mom blogger and her community of supportive mommas. The blog also shares top mommy & child fashion.

Los Angeles, CA – August 23, 2018 – Would-be and new mommas struggling with “can’t do’s” and “must-have’s” and mixed messages can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A rising mommy blog,, is making pregnancy and parenting easier through real-life stories of a first-time mom and a friendly community of mommas from all around. The blog also shares the latest and the best in mommy and me fashion.

The Overwhelmed Mommy is the brainchild of Jenn, a doting mom and seasoned wedding coordinator & blogger. TheLos Angeles Mommy blogger is the mama of a lovely 2-year-old baby girl, Ava Sue, (one more little bundle of joy is on the way) and their 5-year-old Boxer pup, Baxter. Being a parent herself, Jenn understands the typical struggles of other moms out there and through her blog she aims to share her personal stories of trials, mistakes and triumphs to make parenting a bit simpler.

“Parents are a busy bunch. From dealing with picky eaters and disobedient toddlers to keeping up with schedules and figuring out potty training, there are too many things to do which makes parenting a tedious and complex routine. And while social media is full of a whole lot of pretty pictures and seemingly ‘perfect children’ and ‘perfect lives,’ parenting is lot more than that and even carries moments of depression and confusion, especially for new parents. But unfortunately, hardly anybody speaks out about the real struggles of parenthood. And this is where The Overwhelmed Mommy comes to help”, stated the pregnant mom blogger.

Jenn sees herself as an ally to other moms and aspires to help them even in the most challenging episodes of their lives. What’s special about her blog is that it uninhibitedly offers personal parenting stories of ups and downs that Jenn herself has faced as a first-time mom. Jenn offers tips and tricks that she herself has learned through trial and error in her own life so that readers can fathom the challenges to expect and ways to resolve them, as well as the moments to rejoice as a mom. She also has a popular mom blogger Instagram (@theoverwhelmedmommy) where she has formed a community of supportive mommas who are always willing to help new and expecting moms with realistic advice and guidance. 

Jenn shares her stories and tips on a wide range of topics on her blog, ranging from parenthood to pregnancy, lifestyle, home décor, the best mommy & kiddo recipes to mommy and me fashion and so much more. Her most popular and most-read article to date on the blog is about Being A Stay At home Mom with a working husband: 

The Overwhelmed Mommy houses a designated section for mommy and me clothes where it showcases and shares matching mommy-daughter apparel & accessories. The section features adorable shots of Jenn & Ava Sue together in ultimate style to update the readers about the latest cute baby and kids clothes, shops and trends.

All of her mommy and me fashion posts are followed by links of respective product pages to help the readers shop them in just a click.

Jenn and her community of rockstar mommas are dedicated to help new & expecting moms navigate through marital changes and parenting struggles while bringing happiness and positivity into the community. And speaking on her community and blog, the LA mommy blogger summarized it in the best way possible-

“There are some times in life when Google just isn’t enough – we need each other :)” 

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