Mineral energy industry opens blockchain 3.0 application – Constant source chain (CSCC)

Mining industry is the foundation of the national economy. Emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines are in the ascendant of industrialization and urbanization, which will continue to push the expansion of global resource demand. No matter in which country, the exploration and exploitation of each mineral resource carries not only time, but also a huge amount of money, technology of supporting the mining operation, equipment and related transportation facilities, and the operation and management of the mineral resources. There is also a need to face global supply volatility and policy risks everywhere. Based on the non-renewable resources and the need of economic operation, the exploitation and trade of high-quality mineral resources are promising under the background of the scarcity of high-quality mineral assets in the world.

The founding team of Constant source chain first initiated a new type of certified economic model of block chain combined with mineral resources, relying on the deep cooperation and research of enterprises that legally hold mineral energy and mining qualifications. They inject the traditional trade and investment of mineral resources into the technical elements of the block chain and reshape the industrial chain of mineral resources with the thinking of the Internet and block chain, which not only break the monopoly of mineral energy, but also has solved the problem of global mineral energy trade settlement and price transparency between supply and demand. Most importantly, it also has solved the problem of intermediary trust in mineral energy transactions, so that high-quality mineral energy can be supplied better to the whole world, and a fair, transparent and trust industry healthy development environment can be provided to investors, traders, miners, importers and other mineral energy industry practitioners.

800 million of constant source chain (www.csccsc.org) is jointly issued by Indonesia’s international fund and Pan Asia (a pledge of 200 million shares PZC) who have promised never to issue additional ones, which is supervised by the Bank of Indonesia’s Bank perkreditan rakyat atha mulia sejahtera. Serving as a new energy supplier in the Asian market, Pan Asia has a variety of mineral energy development projects, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (stock code: PZC) and has branches in Sydney, Perth, Jakarta and China.

It has reached 900 million tons of reserves with the Teresa coal mine in Australia and 1.2 million tons of lead-zinc gold and silver mine in Siga Indonesia, aiming to dig 9 billion wealth by all people. Constant source chain (CSCC) will break the economic model of the existing block chain digital currency. The CSCC is not just a digital chain. Relying on the development profits of the mineral resources that have already landed, it can achieve real landing development, and hold CSCC to enjoy the mineral entity dividend.

Constant source chain (CSCC), independent of BTC and Ethereum technology, is a programmable basic common chain of decentralization relying on the block chain project of mineral energy entity landing. We are committed to creating an energy circulation environment of enjoying trading freedom, value stability and traceable investment. The platform also provides API and SDK interface, which makes it easy for various applications and services to access data information on the platform and develop new services.

CSCC applies technology of block chain to realize the common chain platform oriented by asset matching and mineral energy circulation, which cannot be realized by the existing financial system. In other words, by establishing a public chain system of mineral resources circulation, CSCC chain can meet all the requirements of information reliability, transparency and security of mineral energy, and achieve reliable asset security exchange regardless of region, borders, and time.

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