The Future of Bedtime: Augmented Reality Pajamas

Pacha’s Pajamas brings kids and parents together for a 21st Century bedtime story

OAKLAND, CA. NOVEMBER 21, 2014Many parents in our age of mobile and social technologies face the same questions of how to engage children in a meaningful yet inspiring way? In other words, how do today’s parents deliver the value of education through interaction with children? Pacha’s Pajamas has the answer. This engaging and award-winning story, which has captivated families around the world, continues its trailblazing into augmented reality.

Pacha’s Pajamas new product, called “PACHAMAS” is the ultimate solution to this chaotic and ever changing children’s entertainment landscape. The PACHAMAS dream-wear line includes the 8 times award-winning story, pajamas made from organic cotton and an Augmented Reality App. The Augmented Reality App enables family members to learn about the Pacha’s heroic journey by simply pointing their smart device on the characters printed on the pajamasand images in the book. Just like this magical story, the Augmented Reality App will bring such physical objects to life on a smart device of their choice. To help expedite bringing PACHAMAS to the market, creators Aaron Ableman and Dave Room decided to engage with the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and offer unique rewards to early backers.

The PACHAMAS product promotes self-discovery, empathy and nature connection through a rich storyworld. The pajamas are made of 100% organic cotton and are available in infant, child and adult sizes ranging from $30­ to $50. In addition to the pajamas and smart phone app, parent company BALANCE, is also offering an original card game featuring 48 youth leaders worldwide, in partnership with UNESCO projectYouth Leader.

Pacha’s Pajamas has won the following top awards:

●  Parent’s Choice Recommended Award

●  Academic’s Choice Smart Media Award

●  Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Preferred Choice Award

●  First Place for Songwriting in the 2014 Eco Arts Award

●  People’s Choice in the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards

“Pacha’s Pajamas, with its wonderful message of hopes and dreams, captures the emotions of parents and kids alike,” says the Academic’s Choice Awards.

“I love Pacha’s Pajamas because of the empowering message it gives children about their future and the environment,” says Dr. Nooshin Razani, Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

Created by Aaron Ableman and Dave Room, an entertainment creative genius and the latter a Stanford engineer, Pacha’s Pajamas came to fruition after realizing that children’s entertainment was in need of more culturally­appropriate and empowering heroes for today’s kids.

“Our Interactive Pajamas provide a bridge between the digital and physical worlds that utterly captivates today’s kids, while increasing their affinity for nature and inspiring them to start projects in their community,” say Dave and Aaron, CoFounders of BALANCE.

About BALANCE Edutainment

Created by Stanford University Engineering graduate Dave Room and seasoned entertainment genius Aaron Ableman, BALANCE Edutainment is dedicated to bringing healthy, uplifting entertainment to children across the globe.

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