Gimme a break, I want to go back to COLLEGE

Corporate 2 College Days by Virupakshi Nagendrappa takes you on a nostalgic ride down the memory lane.

A few years back, the author, Virupakshi Nagendrappa had imagined taking a break from work life and going back to college with his friends and batch mates. And as fate would have it, as an alma mater, he was invited to address the juniors on life after Engineering. That is when his imagination got wings.

As he started flying, in his own imaginations, he recollected many memories of the student days. While few brought the typical nostalgic feelings, few resulted in goosebumps. This revisit kept happening On and Off and continued for a couple of years. Finally, sometime in 2016, it started getting stronger to an extent that it prompted him to make it a worthwhile journey.

Thus, from a solo flyer, he embarked on the journey as a writer, waving a fictional story around the revisit to college. But then, few journeys take life only when it is done with someone close to heart, and he roped in couple of his close friends to join him in the journey. As they progressed, various facets and nuances of life surfaced, which he could analyze through his eyes out of his experience as an employee and an entrepreneur reflecting the different paths we have in front of us after our education.

Yes, just after stepping out of the college, we have dreams and aspirations with our own perspectives about career and life. “Should I get into a job or follow my passion? When can I start my own company?” These are few of the questions that stand between us and the life we set out to create after our formal education. The student, the entrepreneur and the employee in him held answers to these questions which he has expressed as a writer, in his book “Corporate 2 College Days”. 

What set out as an imaginary journey of a college reunion, as a break from work life, also resulted in reflection of life, education and career. This is a journey that never completes and never late to start either; come and join him in the journey going back to college, meeting your friends and batchmates, enjoying the bitter-sweet moments.

The book “Corporate 2 College Days” published by White Falcon Publishing is available on all the Amazon channels. Grab your copy now!

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