Atlanta, GA With the busy roads of the Greater Atlanta area, car accidents occur often. In a recent article, The Brown Firm of Atlanta discussed some important information about car accidents: when car accidents happen most frequently, why they happen and steps to take to protect oneself.

Driving at specific times and seasons on the road has its own ramifications. In order to help reduce road accidents, it is important for drivers to know the times and seasons that most car accidents occur.

Helping drivers to know the critical times that car accidents occur goes a long way in helping to reduce the rate of accidents on the road. It is in view of this, the personal injury law firm has provided comprehensive insights on when car accidents happen most frequently, why they happen and how to protect oneself.

As outlined in the article, the following are the critical times road accidents occur most frequently and why:

  • Rush Hour: during the work week when most people are trying to get to work without being late.

  • Summer Seasons: school is out so children are out, and motorcycles are also out.

  • Winter Weather Whiteouts: during the winter, snow, ice, and sleet season.

  • Holidays: lots of people are traveling and lots of people are celebrating with alcohol.

The following outlines the safety precautions prescribed by the leading law firm to take to avoid road accidents during these dangerous times.

  • Being extra aware of the surroundings and other drivers

  • Practicing safe driving techniques by always going the speed limit

  • Leaving ample room between oneself and the car in front. 

  • Avoid driving while distracted: Putting mobile devices into do not disturb mode before even taking the vehicle out of park and keeping the radio turned down

  • Program any GPS device before driving

  • Always wear a seatbelt and keep both hands on the wheel at all times. 

“As part of our firm’s mission, we enjoy providing articles that prevent many of the areas that we litigate, I know that sounds crazy, many people might even think we are shooting ourselves in the foot, but our first goal as a Firm is to provide resources for public safety and awareness,” says Harry Brown JR., DC, JD, the founder of the law firm. “With that said, we focus on getting the public informed about road safety and how to reduce road accidents.”

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