83% Of Women Think There’s Nothing They Can Do about Stretch Marks, But There Is

They say giving birth is one of the most incredible experiences in a woman’s life. While this might be true, new moms often find themselves dealing with a lot of challenges after giving birth. The most common challenges include losing the baby weight and getting rid of acne or stretch marks. While many embracethese skin changes as part of the experience, probably just as many would prefer getting bodies back.

Stretch marks happen when the body is growing abnormally fast due to the pregnancy. While there has been a debate going on about how mothers should wear them with pride as part of the whole new mother experience, not everyone thinks of stretch marks as ‘tiger stripes’. And they should know that is entirely okay, it does not make them any less motherly and solutions are available to remove them nice and effectively.

A 2018 survey looking into the impacts of stretch marks on the quality of life of women found that 59% think of them as one of the main parts of their bodies they would like to change and. At the same time, 54% feel these skin changes have had a negative impact on how they perceive themselves. The vast majority (83%) seem to think there is no solution for them to get rid of stretch marks and as a result, they have accepted living with them.

In 2017 alone over 389,900 Canadian women gave birth.  While not everyone will get them, up to90% of pregnant women are at risk of developing stretch marks all over their bodies: around the abdomen, derrieres, breasts and thighs. For those who do not necessarily embrace this, the market has been booming with creams, ointments and oils which have a potential to improve the look of sketch marks. However, there is a more effective way available: laser treatment.Whether in Toronto, Mississauga or Vaughan, MedLaser Clinics have been leading the way in helping many women achieve the smooth and attractive skin they have been longing for.

The mechanism behind the technique is simple: a high-energy laser beam is used to remove layers of scarred skin that cause stretch marks, and the benefits are many. The science behind this involves tricking the into believing it has been wounded to naturally kick off its healing powers, pretty much the same way it would go about healing a cut.

Research-based evidence has proven that as few as three to five laser treatments can minimize the appearance of stretch marks by up to 70%, depending on the severity of the case. One small study of 20 patients showed exceptional results with a 40% rate given by a physician’s assessment and a 55% by the patient’s.

When we think that two out of three women would feel more confident and more attractive if they did not have to live with such scars on their bodies, a simple procedure that lasts mere minutes might just change their lives completely.

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