Great Master Zheng Faxiang – China “Plum Blossom Sage” Appears on Reuters Screen in New York after New York Times Square

Zheng Faxiang (researcher), a Chinese American, “an artist with outstanding achievements”, is called “Plum Blossom Sage” and has held more than 60 large personal art exhibitions all over the world, such as New York, Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Taibei, etc.

Now, he is Secretary-general of World Artists Association in America and visiting professor of Manhattan College and Southeastern University in Washington. His works are collected by more than 40 magnificent palaces and UN Headquarters, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tiananmen Rostrum, etc.

Plum blossom works of Zheng Faxiang reflect that, in winter when snowflakes are dancing in the air and all other flowers are withering, plum blossoms take the lead, overcome wind and snow and become in full bloom, fragrant as before even buried in the soil. She is the flower of human spiritual civilization.

Reuters is one of the earliest news agencies established in the world, and is also the largest news agency in the UK and one of the four major new agencies in the West. It is one of the world’s top three multimedia news agencies, providing a variety of news and financial data, operating in 128 countries. Its big screens having the largest number and the highest level of attention are located between 7th Avenue and 43rd Street, are 22 stories tall and consist of 7 unique high-definition LED screens and the state’s most advanced technology, integrating perfectly the full-motion video, synchronous live broadcast, mobile interaction, social media, etc.

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