The Navigator Of Digital Asset “SIMCG” Will Create A Cryptocurrency With Real Value

Nowadays, the term “Blockchain” has become a synonym for Internet trend. It has evolved from an unfamiliar and unexceptional software technology into a household name of its own. Just like the Internet, Blockchain’s birth has been full of the same coincidences and needs. In 1969, the Internet was born in the United States and rapidly extended from its initial four research institutes onto the entire world. In terms of application, this kind of invention has impacted all aspects of human’s lives even more so than the earliest military and scientific research. 5 main technologies with special significance have been identified for the future development of the Blockchain in the past 50 years after the birth of the Internet.

1. TCP/IP protocol born in 1974: determine the status of the blockchain in the Internet technology ecosystem

2. CISCO router technology born in 1984: Blockchain technology’s object of inspiration

3. B/S (C/S) infrastructure based on Web: Blockchain technology’s object of subversion

4. P2P: the father and technique foundation of blockchain

5. Hash algorithm: the key to generate bitcoin and other tokens

The birth of blockchain is perhaps the most unusual and mysterious invention and technology in the history of human science, as there hasn’t been any other major breakthroughs in the history of modern science so far.

On October 31, 2008; the founder of bitcoin who goes by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, published a paper in the cryptography mail group called “Bitcoin: A Point to Point E-cash System”. In this paper, the author claimed that he had invented a new E-currency system which couldn’t be controlled by the government or institution. Blockchain technology was and currently is the foundation of bitcoin and its functions.

On January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto released the application case of blockchain, the open source software of bitcoin system on SourceForge website. After releasing of the open source software, it is said that Satoshi Nakamoto has mined 1 million bitcoins. One week later, he gave 10 bitcoins to cryptography expert Hal Finney, which was the first transaction in bitcoin’s history. With the vigorous development of bitcoin, the research on blockchain technology has already brought spurt growth.


Until 2018, the blockchain has gone through nearly 10 years. What level does the mysterious and expectant technology reach for now? Zhang Han, the research team leader of the renowned public chain project Truechain, the former quantitative analyst at Macquarie Bank and the general defender of the national 1000 Talents Project, explained that he thought blockchain would be used in a large scale within 3 years. The competition among the underlying public chains would occur in the first year, the super applications will appear in the second year, and it will go to a new stage which is mutual penetration, horizontal and benefit-sharing.

Compared with the development rule of the Internet, now the blockchain is entering its stage of ten golden years. Blockchain’s technology has extended to all aspects and there will be many wonderful projects landing. At present, the value of global blockchain digital assets has reached USD300 billion. Additionally, the industries of manufacturing and supply chain management will bring trillions of potential markets to the blockchain except financial ones.

The most impressive product of the blockchain’s technology is cryptocurrency. Its appearance has created many millionaires and billionaires in the past 10 years. With the maturity of technology and the gradual expansion of the application fields, the blockchain has become prosperity in China in recent years.

With this hot wind, many companies foresee a lot of business opportunities, and through ICO, airdrop and other technologies, a large number of coins not only have been issued, but also contributed to the proliferation of a lot of air coins, resulting in China’s carrying out substantive control last year. China’s policy is very correct, and this bad business behavior must be stopped in time. The blockchain’s technology has also blossomed into China through the influence of the cryptocurrency, which is an irresistible historical trend.

Although this year is the winter for blockchain and has encrypted funds with an overall loss of nearly 50%. However, the functions of blockchain technology in other areas have grown rapidly. As the China’s Internet giants, they will never miss this opportunity. For example, Alibaba and JD has released white paper of blockchain in succession. And then, the data usage of Suning’s Financial Block Chain Blacklist Sharing Platform  has burst on the market. All of the above shows that the blockchain’s technology competition has begun. Nowadays, banks and other financial organizations have joined the blockchain’s technology, the central bank also publicly said that it will reduce the production of cash, and further promote of e-currency. So the blockchain’s technology is essential, and the blockchain will also be the future of the Internet.

With the relaxation of China’s policy on foreign enterprises, many famous foreign companies and industry giants also target the tremendous market space of China. In recent years, the cryptocurrencies issued by several foreign institutions have landed in the China’s market and got an unprecedented reaction. Although, it has also reached an all-time high, due to the drawbacks of inexperience in landing and practical applications, resulting in relying on capital operations to maintain stability. The consequences of cryptocurrencies have not produced the desired results.

For the increasing of blockchain’s wave, the various countries are developing their most valuable products based on this great technology so as to obtain the largest market share. At the end of May 2018, Canada’s government has supported a new type of cryptocurrency called Secure Instant Messagind, and it is operated by Singapore’s well-known fund company. It is optimistic about Asia’s market and focuses on China’s market, taking it as the core to drive the whole Southeast Asia’s market.

SIMCG token entered the market by a small amount of air drops. Within a few days, the activity of its smart contract was once ranked the second position by the enthusiasm of players around the world. This has made the Singapore and Canada governments more optimistic about their market prospects, however, it has also made them more cautious and cautious in every step. They are well aware of the life law of cryptocurrency, that is to say, application. Therefore, they contact with major well-known enterprises and groups in China in the past two months, and have been constantly screening the major entities and agencies with sincere cooperation.

It was reported that SIMSG had finally reached a strategic cooperation intention with a well-known domestic enterprise, which will be fully utilized in the fields of finance, e-commerce, Macao gambling, social networking and online and offline payment, summing up the failure experience of previous generations, creating a truly useful virtual currency, making the virtue, dream as well as wealth become reality.

Everyone knows that SIMCG has launched a referendum ceremony of private equity in Tianjin, China’s beautiful coastal city, on August 8. All of the investors and leaders of various teams at the scene were stimulated by the warm atmosphere, and the organizers gave a detailed description of blockchain’s knowledge and business prospects. However, the specific stages of private equity hasn’t been identified. According to the organizers, there are hundreds of well-known entrepreneurs that have connected them through various platforms. We are also looking forward to having a beautiful opening in the Chinese market for SIMCG, and made it a stable and powerful backup force for landing in other Southeast Asian markets after mature development. When it lands on major exchanges around the world, everyone who has SIMCG token will obtain a satisfactory wealth value in the big wave of blockchain.

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