Author R. Stephen Bolles Talks about the Continuous Journey of Man Back to the Creator

Chicago, IL – August 25, 2018: R. Stephen Bolles presented the fact of man’s continuous pursuit and journey in life back to our home in his book “The Journey (… of a Normal Christian Life)”. From the day we were born until the very last moment of our lives, all that we are, we were, we have and have not will all be offered to God’s loving hands at the very moment we take our last breath.

The Journey was filled by Bolles with different Scriptural principles that are all based on the experience Bolles had. Thus, all are true and genuine stories. All stories empower the fact that as a Christian, all our lives should be meant to strengthen our relationship, trust and fellowship with God just like his to us.

The book does not simply narrate instances of Bolles lives and realizations of how one should be a good Christian. When Bolles suffered pneumonia and stayed longer in the hospital, the Bible gave him enormous strength that he was able to surpass this challenging moment of his life.

In this segment of his life, he was able to realize the importance of the Word read from the Bible and how it can become food for life. “We would be wise to store away as much of the treasures in God’s Word as we are able. A storehouse of ammunition is a smart move for anyone who desires to overcome the issues of life we all face.”

Bolles also talked about the healing power in believing God’s mercy when his family got sick. “Now, we are not pleading for God’s mercy or provision, but are rather speaking His promises according to the word of God. The results were miraculous. We claimed and prayed for the healing of my wife, according to these promises, and she was healed on the spot.”

With so many other accounts Bolles presented in his book, he hopes to inspire others and help them bring themselves back to God’s loving hands and salvation.

An excerpt from the “Provision Misused in Atlanta”:

“The Lord had given them their request, but they did not respond accordingly. Consequently, their utilities were shut down. It is proper to pray for or even ask for a word of knowledge, making sure to submit the answer unto the Lord, but then be very careful with our response.”

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About the Author:

R. Stephen Bolles is a loving husband to his wife and a father of two. He wrote his book from all the glorious provisions and learning he received in his lifetime from our loving Creator. In this book, he hopes to give readers a chance to reflect and bring out the Christian in them. To give readers a chance to reflect and bring about a more powerful, productive daily Christian walk.


Personal/Favorite Quote:

Luke 6:45 “A good man out of the good treasures of his heart brings forth that which is good, and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil; for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

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