8M Solar Launches Autumn Promotion For Solar System Installation Cary NC

Cary NC – 8MSolar, a provider of solar systems in and around Cary & Raleigh NC is today delighted to announce the launch of their autumn promotion which provides customers with the opportunity to receive 20 percent off the price of a solar system installation Cary NC.

Unlike many of their competitors who have only recently joined the industry, the founders of 8MSolar have over 15 years of combined experience of solar system installation, and set up the company due to their combined passion for the environment, matched with the opportunity for customers to benefit from the financial savings that such systems can provide. That is one of the driving forces behind the company, which is why they have decided to launch this autumn promotion, which will hopefully drive forward the uptake of solar power in North Carolina.

With the cost of energy increasing in price, there are many reasons why installing a solar energy system in Cary NC makes sense, and that is before the advantages and benefits to the environment enter the equation. Once a system is installed, the customers can generate their own power, and are protected from the variables of the energy market and can confidently plan for the future without the worry or stress of any expensive energy bills.

“As one of the owners and founders of 8MSolar  it is my passion to try and help protect the environment, while at the same time provide our customers with an excellent way to save money today and for many years into the future,” said Usman Noor of 8MSolar. “We are confident that this autumn promotion will encourage more people to make the switch and we look forward to helping them enjoy the savings. Solar power is the future, and we are determined to be at the forefront of its adoption in North Carolina.”

8M Solar is a locally owned and operated solar system installation company. It was founded by two friends who share a mutually agreed philosophy of providing environmentally friendly and financially rewarding solar energy systems. The co-founders have a combined 15 years of experience providing residential and commercial PV systems as well as electricity generation, load management, and energy monitoring systems for the Power Industry. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at http://8msolar.com/.

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