Realis full-body motion capture software and related applications at Siggraph 2018

SIGGRAPH, the largest and most influential annual conference on computer graphics(CG) and interactive techniques, was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada, from August 12-16, 2018. This year, Shenzhen Realis Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Realis), a fast-rising star from China in motion capture (Mocap) industry, was also present at the exhibition.
In order to address the capturing limitations, the leading Chinese Mocap company has upgraded its core technologies and officially released two new software products for multi-person full-body motion capture in June 2018, Tenoomi and Rovonga. This year’s SIGGRAPH was also the first time Realis demonstrated its eye-catching Rovonga publicly for various Mocap applications. For example, Tachi and Ballet, which received many promising comments and feedback from peer companies, including some of the big names, Vicon and Qualysis.  

Rovonga is a marker-based (markers are attached to human bodies from head to foot) motion capture software product. RTS-Tracker tracks the markers to obtain the 3D coordinates of the point cloud. After a labeling process, a whole body skeleton model is automatically generated.  Subsequent motion data captured by the Tracker is then used to drive the skeleton to perform natural human-like movement. The system can achieve highly accurate, neat and low loss data collection in multi-personal full-body motion capture. The main areas of application include, but not limited to, film-making level animation production, gait analysis, ergonomic analysis, sport training, entertainment, commercials and scientific research.

RTS-Tenoomi is a rigid-body based solution to full-body motion capture. It is well suited for many scenarios where real-time human-computer interaction is required, such as VR (virtual reality) gaming, broadcasting and filming. A pre-compiled, ready-to-use inverse kinematics (IK) algorithm is included in the software. Apart from the basic functions, the SDK of Tenoomi provides seamless connections with other 3D/VR engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

Realis full-body motion capture first show: Ballet  performance

Rovonga, Realis full-body motion capture soft for professionals, was first released at the SIGGRAPH in Canada, through ballet performance. It allowed the dancer to observe and adjust her movements according to the virtual character that reflects her own movements in real time.

According to Realis employees, the company has had some in-depth academic exchanges with other motion capture manufacturers and attended to several academic meetings on motion capture and image recognition related press conference. During the exchanges, Realis had discussions with overseas manufacturers about capturing the attitudes of animals such as dog and kangaroo, as well as developing a mocap suit that’s lighter, thinner, and simpler to wear. The company also discussed with an European university concerning the latest film-level motion capture effects and the possibility of applying optical multi-person motion capture on performance art and interactive art.

Realis said that it has attracted, with its technology and excellent cost performance, some potential customers on the exhibition. Not only has Realis reached a strategic cooperation with local universities and a Taiwanese company, but also many famous universities, film and video production companies have the willingness to cooperate with Realis.

The goal: More in-depth human-computer interaction product and more vertical sectors

Realis’s CEO, Xu Qiuzi said: “Realis is committed to provide optical motion capture and human-computer interactive technology. The official version of the full-body motion capture system is supposed to provide a cost-effective, developed and made in China mocap solution with high capacity and professional support to users. Realis full-body motion capture solution is critical for projects of the next generation such as film and television, military, VR developers, sports, and industrial simulation.”

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