VSLuck Receives $10 Million In Seed Funding, Announces Bumper Windfall – Free Bitcoin for All Users

VSLuck.com receives $10 million in seed funding and has announced that they are giving away free Bitcoin to all users.

VSLuck.com, the blockchain-based crowd buying ecommerce platform, has announced that they have recently received $10 million in seed funding from investors. As a goodwill gesture, the company will be giving away free BTC to all users who follow them on Twitter.

“We are delighted to announce that we have received an impressive amount of $10 million in seed funding from our investors,” says the spokesperson for VSLuck.com. “We are also happy to give away free BTC to all users who follow our Twitter handle and share our tweet. This is in appreciation for the faith that they have in VSLuck, a company that has immense potential.”

VSLuck.com has not been officially launched. However, this ecommerce platform that’s powered by the popular blockchain technology, has said that all users who follow VSLuck on Twitter and will get free Bitcoin as user appreciation before the company is officially launched.

According to company sources, VSLuck has received such a huge amount in seed funding, even before its official launch because their investors are impressed by the blockchain based crowd buying model of the company. The capital market has been extremely careful and cautious of where it is putting its money, especially in today’s uncertain market conditions and considering the vagaries of the cryptocurrency industry.

However, many key players in the market, especially the top seed funding companies believe that VSLuck has a unique buying model which they think is a clear winner. The investors are extremely confident of the future prospects of VSLuck. Both buyers and sellers can receive benefits from VSLuck platform. The consumer also gains when seller makes a profit through the VSLuck platform.

VSLuck is positive that this model is going to be the new generation of blockchain ecommerce. VSLuck will be the practitioner and evangelist of this new ecology.

VSLuck is a revolutionary ecommerce platform because it has a different approach to crowd buying and will be following unchartered territory that’s different from the conventional methods used by existing companies in this niche.

To get the free Bitcoin, users have to send a tweet with a specific text:

@VS_Luck I found a website that actually gives out FREE BITCOIN! -> www.vsluck.com. 100% free! REAL Payouts!! Receive free bitcoin within 72 hours of registration!!! @VS_Luck

The next step is to follow VSLuck on Twitter. Users then have to fill in the form providing details of their email, Twitter address, and BTC Wallet Address. User Twitter account must be registered at least 10 days ago and must have more than five followers. All BTC addresses and users can make only one claim.

For more information, visit www.vsluck.com

About VSLuck.com:

VSLuck is a blockchain-based crowd buying ecommerce platform with a unique business model that’s fast catching the attention of investors and capital markets. The platform is powered by Blockchain technology and has recently received $10 million in seed funding.

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