New Book Helps Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Create and Personalize A Business Plan To Gain Funding

‘You Make Your Business Plan Unique’ is a book that explains how to quickly structure and write a business plan to access the funding people need to start a new business or to expand an existing one.

Each year tens of millions of people think about starting a new business. However, due to the lack of funding required the vast majority of those people fail to get their business off the ground. The new book by Pete Kremer called ‘You Make Your Business Plan Unique’ aims to teach people how to grab the investors interest and gain funding for a new start-up, or an existing business. For those entrepreneurs interested in appearing on a show like Shark Tank to find an investor, then this is the book they need.

‘You Make Your Business Pan Unique’, aims to change the fortunes of those struggling to gain finance for a new start-up or grow their existing business. With banks being more careful about lending money and with funding from other sources becoming smaller, getting funding for a new start-up has never been more difficult.

Providing a powerful business plan can make all the difference when looking to gain funding, and that is why this new book has become one of the most important tools for new start-ups and small businesses.

The new book doesn’t just teach people how to write a business plan, it’s much more than that. When an investor reads a business plan they want to have all the all the answers to their questions laid out in the correct format. It needs to be written in a clear format that provides an investor with the confidence that this is a business to invest in. Further, a business plan needs to be unique and provide an investor the confidence to invest in your business; this book transforms business plans.

‘You Make Your Business Plan Unique’ is not just important for those looking to start a new business, it is also a vital tool for those looking to gain finance to expand a business or require funding for extra working capital.

20% of new businesses fail in their first year, 30% fail in their second year and 50% fail within five years. One of the reasons why so many businesses fail is due to lack of working capital and lack of funds to expand a business and cope with orders. Those figures can be reduced if more people convinced investors to back them, but the only way that can happen is by writing a powerful business plan which is taught by this powerful new book.

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Pete Kremer is a professional business plan writer, offers help business plan courses and builds websites for small businesses that elevate their overall business plan. He has been writing business plans and proposals for over 10 years. His clients have been approved for $250,000 – $2.5M bank loans and received up to $3.5M in investor funding. Pete’s goal to really understand your vision, and then develop a business plan that tells your business’ story backed by market research.

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