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If you are new to the world of Virtual Reality and looking to make a purchase, then you need to have all the information necessary to understand this exciting technology. Instead of moving from one site to another searching for information on VR and VR headsets, why not come to WhatVR, home to everything Virtual Reality.

Why us when there are tons of websites out there? Well, at WhatVR, we are passionate about Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality headsets. We are committed to providing all the information necessary to understand the world of Virtual Reality, allowing you to make an informed decision when making a purchase.

VR Basics

If you need to know how virtual reality works, how it can be applied in other areas and what different options you have when it comes to VR headsets and VR as entertainment, WhatVR is the right place for you. You will also find information on how this revolutionary technology is changing and where its future might lie.

In-depth Analysis

As virtual reality becomes more popular, VR headsets are flooding the market. This makes it hard to tell which VR headset is best for you. At WhatVR, we recognize this and that’s why we conduct in-depth analyses of currently available VR headsets. We examine their specs, software, and applications to give our readers a sense of which one will meet their budget and functionality needs.

Detailed VR Reviews and Buying Guides

Many VR reviews on the internet lack detailed information about the product. Most skim on the features and focus on the pros only. To help you make the best purchasing decision, we delve into features of each headset and objectively examine their performance, construction, the range of available media and hardware updates. We not only look at what makes the headset excel but also identify where it needs improvement. We also provide you with information on what to look for when buying a VR headset.

VR Headset Comparisons

Sometimes, you need a side by side comparison to choose the best available VR headsets. Our VR headset comparisons allow you to narrow down your search by price, performance, functionality, and software.

Industry News

Virtual Reality technology is always changing and we like to keep our readers up to date with the latest developments. WhatVR will bring you the most exciting advancements, product releases, and news from the industry.

About WhatVR

What VR is an online company that reviews VR headsets to help readers make educated decisions when making purchases. It is also home to everything Virtual Reality, from VR basics to the latest industry news. For more information, visit https://www.whatvr.co/.

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