Dr. Paul’s lipolysis research lab renown for its innovative lipolysis technology, worldwide.

Dr. Paul’s lab as perfectly compensated for the defects of lipolysis vests, first invented by an ex-NASA professor. The preexisting lipolysis vests’ cold thermogenesis theory had the downside of only reducing the size of the fat cells. However, this year, the lipolysis research lab, Dr. Paul’s lab has introduced an innovative vest which has compensated these downsides.

Dr. Paul’s lab has used its own independent lipolysis technology, also known as the cryolipostatic lysis technology, to exterminate fat cells permanently which prevents from regaining weights. Due to this powerful effects, Dr. Paul’s cryolipostatic vests was only possible to be purchased from Dr. Paul’s affiliated hospitals. This product is known to let the user lose weight with no exercise and diets but has no side-effects. Known to be the best way to lose weight within the continuous failure of weight loss, Dr. Paul’s cryolipostatic vests has increased the success rate of weight loss with its simple and user-friendly way of use.

The only technology to exterminate fat cells in a very low temperature, also known as cryolipostatc lysis, is possessed by Dr. Paul’s labs. Using an imitation product or other basic refrigerants could cause skin necrosis, so it is important to purchase the original product.

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