OFG’s 24×24 springboard for recreational gymnastics vaulting uses innovative materials for increased safety and lasting quality.

Columbus, OH – Springing into action onto the Ohio Fitness Garage product line is there new 24×24 springboard for vault training at the preschool level. It’s made with Birch Plywood that’s cut by a process known as CNC. It also uses high strength music wire for the coils for added durability. All materials are made right here in the U.S.

Ohio Fitness Garage has always committed to making top quality products by making each product with the best materials. Birch Plywood is a high quality multi-layered panel. The multiple layers allows it to be flexible while still maintaining its integrity. The CNC aspect of the product refers to Computer Numerical Control which is how the Birch Plywood is cut. CNC allows for a more precise cut with consistency and improves factory productivity. For the springs, OFG uses music wire. The term music wire comes from its widespread use as piano strings. They’re made from a high carbon content that meets all patent specifications to create a versatile type of wire.

Ohio Fitness Garage will continue to seek the best materials for all their products. Their primary concern is an athlete’s safety, followed closely by lasting quality. 

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