New fitness product offers easier pushups, better results

August 27, 2018 – Ohio Fitness Garage (OFG) has announced a new product to its lineup. The Hardest Pushup is a stabilizer power push up bar that is meant to replace the traditional push up. The traditional exercise, performed with hands and knees on the floor can place unnecessary stress on an individual’s wrists, resulting in pain and even injuries. In addition to performing pushup exercises without inducing wrist pain, the OFG Pushup Bars allow users to lower their bodies closer to the floor, which increases muscle groups used and intensity.

Users of the OFG Hardest Pushup can expect to strengthen key muscle groups such as wrists, forearms, shoulders, and pecs, as well as increase neuro-muscular grip and range of motion. The bars are ideal for those that practice MMA, gymnastics, calisthenics, Strongman competitions, and martial arts, but are also safe and easy to use for those just wanting to improve their muscle tone.

The OFG Pushup Bars are made in the United States with the highest quality heavy-duty steel to prevent flexing or bowing during use and are powder coated to ensure resistance to corrosion. The plateau-breaking pushup handles come in three levels, or configurations, to provide variety and versatility to workouts. Small profiles of each product allow for easy and quick storage for a home gym, garage, in a closet or under a bed.

Owner Robert Smith asks, “Why waste your time doing normal pushups that produce lackluster results?” The OFG Pushup bars are twice as effective as the traditional pushup, improving balance and working shoulder muscles that go unaffected when not using a bar. For more details or to purchase an OFG Pushup Bar, visit

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