Dallas, TX, United States – August 27, 2018 – Fintech Platform proudly announces the app to enhancing users’ financial decision-making skills, this app’s mission is to educate and improve users’ credit scores by sharing knowledge, creating customized recommendations. Trifigo is an application, with an additional website and blog, created to help specifically college students and recent college graduates understand their credit score and overall finances. Trifigo provides information, tips, credit reports and personalized credit advice to users. Trifigo’s early platform is online at

Trifigo is a user-friendly App and an intuitive way to understand better and manage your credit profile. Trifigo is on a mission to take everyone from a poor to 800 credit score. By placing the focus on improving behaviors to get results, Trifigo helps users reach financial wellness through education, intuitive user interface, and unique recommendation engine. Trifigo provides a tailored approach to sharing financial knowledge by changing the terminology in credit and making it easier for a wider audience to comprehend. Trifigo summarizes users’ credit reports into a credit resume, so people understand where they fall in the financial spectrum.

Trifigo’s platform is user-friendly and gives members personalized recommendations so they can understand financial tradeoffs and achieve their financial goals. Trifigo holds users accountable, which leads to enhanced financial decision-making skills that will leave a lasting impression on users.

To get in contact with Castleigh Johnson or for more information about Trifigo, please contact them via email at or phone 312-380-9795

Trifigo app is available for both IOS and Android users (Google: Apple: View this YouTube video for instructions on how to set up an account.

About the founder Castleigh Johnson

Johnson is the first generation US citizen who went to college to earn a degree and build a bright future for himself and his family.  Similar to many, Johnson opened his first credit card during his freshman year of college. With limited knowledge about how the system works, Johnson made a couple of mistakes leading to a poor credit score in the 600’s. He has since enhanced his credit report and score and is currently a member of the 800-score club. Johnson has held many senior roles with Goldman Sachs, AIG, EY, and BMO. He was also a bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY during the financial crisis that lead to his initial interest in developing a unique consumer credit resource.

Due to his financial background, Johnson was able to get his credit score up, but he noticed others were dealing with the same struggles he did while in college. Johnson is set out on a mission to create a platform for college students and young adults to not only improve but also fully understand their credit score and its various implications.

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