“What is the P Shot?” Answered by Vanish Medi-Spa

“Vanish Medi-Spa”

LAREDO, TX – Vanish Medi-Spa explains the Priapus Shot®, a treatment gaining in popularity, to educate consumers and patients considering the procedure.

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The Priapus Shot, commonly referred to as the P-Shot, is a safe, pain-free injection of a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma.  Platelet Rich Plasma treatments have been used for decades in sports medicine and other medical applications and are now being used to rejuvenate male intimacy and tissue growth of male reproductive organs.  This life-changing treatment uses a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma to revitalize and restore damaged and aged tissue. Using platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own body makes this a more effective and natural treatment option.  The P-Shot is also used as a successful treatment for Peyronie’s Disease. Vanish Medi-Spa asserts there are many benefits of the P-Shot such as increased circulation, increases the effectiveness of other therapies, increases sensations and feelings of pleasure, requires minimal pain, and has not been shown to cause allergic reactions or lumpiness under the skin.  The procedure takes no more than thirty minutes and results can be seen anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Because the Priapus Shot utilizes the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma, there are few to no adverse side effects.

Dr. Jose Vazquez-Vicente, the practitioner at Vanish Medi-Spa, says “Men are now able to enjoy the benefits of the P-Shot at Vanish Medi-Spa and regain their virility, intimacy, and well-being.”

Vanish Medi-Spa is a full-service medical spa offering a wide range of services including laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, rejuvenating facials, and premium skin care products.  The company operates with the goal of providing patients a world-class spa experience by forming strong relationships with clients and creating an environment where beauty, comfort, and knowledge combine to create a truly memorable and revitalizing experience.  

Individuals interested in learning more about the P-Shot procedure or any of the other treatments offered at Vanish Medi-Spa or to schedule a free consultation are invited to visit https://www.vanishmedispa.com/.

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