Weight Loss Clinic in Birmingham, AL Details Phases of Effective Health Strategy

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TRUSSVILLE, AL – Birmingham, Alabama area premier medical spa, Carrington Medical Spa, outlines the most important phases of programs designed to help individuals achieve their optimal health goals.

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Millions of Americans are struggling with health management, and obesity is a disease that is increasing at an astonishing rate.  Statistics show that there is no state in the United States with an obesity rate of less than twenty percent. Carrington Medical Spa works with a goal of creating an environment where individuals work with a licensed and board-certified physician to address their body composition issues in a medically supervised and sensitive way.  Dr. Liliya Slutsker guides patients through a health and wellness management program that is customized to each individual’s current health status and lifestyle.

There are four key phases to this program: Screening, Reducing, Adapting, and Maintenance.  The Screening Phase consists of a panel of medical, laboratory, and psychological exams aimed at ensuring a patient is both medically and psychologically able to participate in the weight management program practiced by Carrington Medical Spa.  The Reducing Phase is a highly controlled and structured format focused on changing past eating behaviors and allowing for healthy nutrition to take its place. During this phase, participants will begin to see a decrease in their overall body mass.  The Adapting Phase begins after a patient has lost excess weight and is now beginning to slowly reintroduce healthy meal choices and a variety of food in order to prepare the body and mind for the long-term changes necessary for successful weight maintenance.  The program ends with the Maintenance Phase where patients return to traditional eating patterns and work to maintain the successes obtained throughout the program. It is vital for patients in this phase of the program to remain connected to a source of support and guidance to ensure continued success.

“Obesity is a chronic condition that requires long-term treatment,” says Dr. Liliya Slutsker, the practitioner at Carrington Medical Spa.  “At Carrington Medical Spa, we offer patients cutting-edge programs and support products that meet their needs and help them experience success in their weight loss journey.”

Those interested in learning more about the programs and services offered at Carrington Medical Spa are encouraged to visit https://carringtonmedispa.com/ or call (205) 508-5723.

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