Modaf Designs Announces Its Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign on Kick-starter, Now in the Pre-Launch Stage

Modaf Designs announces its upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has now reached the pre-launch stage. Currently, the company is in the process of collecting leads emails in support of the campaign. Potential subscribers of the Kickstarter campaign can take advantage of getting up to 50% discount on all items available at by pre-ordering on Kickstarter.

Joy I. Meribe, founder, owner, and designer of Modaf Designs is proud that the campaign is now at this stage. In September, the project will finally be able to take off for customers to benefit from the company’s exclusive designs. The company takes pride in their ‘height inclusive’ designs, which means that each pattern suits three different height ranges.

Through this, Modaf Designs has achieved the perfect fit for women in all shapes, sizes, and heights. Fashion is great because it is for everyone. There are clothes and accessories everyone can use to express themselves no matter their tastes or budget concerns. But the idea that fashion is for everyone does not seem to be true when plus size women often have difficulty finding clothes that fit them.

To answer to the needs of women who have trouble finding the clothes with the right fit, Modaf Designs introduces its new collection ‘Prêt à porter capsule collection hand-made in Italy’. Modaf Designs is a fashion brand dedicated to solving the size compatibility problems for petite, tall, and plus size women. It does so through its new collection that has three different patterns ideal for three different height ranges.

Modaf Designs’ height ranges include PETITE, STANDARD, and TALL. The PETITE pattern is ideal for women with the height range of 156 cm (5ft 1in) to 164 cm (5ft 4in). The STANDARD pattern is ideal for women with the height range of 165 cm (5ft 4in) to 173 cm (5ft 6in). The TALL pattern is ideal for women with the height range of 174 cm (5ft 7in) to 182 cm (6ft 0in).

Besides the three height ranges, the brand also has an available a wide range of sizes from 38 to 60. Modaf Designs’ new line is a simple solution, but it accomplishes the idea of including all women and showing they are valued. The size and height inclusive collection of Modaf Designs uses afro details including the vibrant colors and wax print fabrics.

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Combining it with western style, particularly with the exquisite Italian tailoring, Modaf Designs effectively created sophisticated and feminine pieces. Besides this, the brand also creates cosmopolitan styles with African print fabrics. By combining two distinct and unlikely styles, the brand was able to create a genuinely unique and original style for women who like one-of-a-kind designs.

Women from all over the world find the brand designs to be lively and unique, the kind of clothing that caters to women with different styles. Modaf Designs’ garments are handmade in Italy, created by well-trained tailors with personalized and sophisticated touch brought on by both small and bold hand-cut applications and decoration on most of their designs.

Modaf Designs, as an emerging fashion leader, enjoys the recognition of the other leaders in the fashion industry. Last year, it also achieved a milestone with Meribe’s first collection having been featured during the Milan Fashion Week 2017. With this Kickstarter campaign, Meribe aims to reach her audience further and bring them unique but practical designs.

About Modaf Designs:

Modaf Designs is a brand dedicated to versatile, alternative and original fashion. Once an emerging brand, it has now become a name in the fashion industry that holds stylistic influences known to unite both Western style and afro features. The brand’s combination of two vastly different styles created a harmonious, unique result that embodies the brand’s ideals.

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