Braces Offering Results in 120 Days Now Available from Glendale Dentist, Pacific Dental Care

LOS ANGELES, CA – 27 August, 2018 – Braces are a topic of debate for many, and the older a person gets the less likely they’re going to want to be dealing with traditional metal braces, so trends keep moving toward offering faster, more convenient, less ostentatious options to those who go with orthodontics.

Patients who want braces have new options. Clear braces, porcelain braces, and Fast braces® are all practical, viable, economically feasible options offered today to help patients get to the smile they’ve always wanted with less turmoil and discomfort.

Certain advances that have been made in dental technology render braces more and more accessible for patients who’d like to enjoy a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Consider Fast braces®, a new approach now offered by Pacific Dental Care, which represents a new alternative to incoming orthodontic patients.

Fast braces® involves high performance bracket systems which pull the roots of the teeth from into an upright position from the beginning of treatment — with just one square wire! By torquing and tipping the teeth from the very first appointment, normal treatment times for comprehensive orthodontics no longer applies.

With Fastbraces® the entire process has in many cases taken less than 120 days (this is in non-deep bite cases and conducted with the TURBO™ SERIES™). Results may vary, depending on patient cooperation. The dentist’s clinical experience has also been shown to be a factor in treatment time.

Another big difference in Fastbraces® is that, instead of square brackets being attached to each tooth, triangular brackets are now used which incorporating wiring thread between the teeth. This process/hardware provides sufficient elasticity for tooth repositioning and does so at a faster rate than other contemporary orthodontic forms (with the exception of Accelerated Orthodontics).

Fastbraces® benefits include natural bite preservation, reduced treatment length (compared to traditional metal and ceramic braces), and reduced pain and discomfort. Patients who utilize Fastbraces® experience shorter retainer lengths and enjoy the benefits of tooth root re-positioning. Less resorption occurs with Fastbraces®, not to mention the fact that it can often end up being more affordable compared to other choices.

Practices like Pacific Dental Care are offering more discreet, state-of-the-art options like Fastbraces®, Invisalign, Clear Braces, and porcelain braces as more discreet options.

Fastbraces® (as well as Invisalign® and Clear Braces) can benefit anyone with teeth free of untreated decay (or gum disease). Patients with crooked, gapped, or improperly aligned teeth can now select a new option that will have them free of hardware in a fraction of the time that metal or ceramic braces require.

Dr. Martirosyan, an expert in clear braces in Glendale, CA assists patients in her community when they need to decide the right sort of orthodontics to suit their individual needs.

To truly determine whether fast braces are right for you, a dentist specializing in orthodontics can provide you with a professional evaluation and recommendation. For those living in Glendale, CA and its surrounding communities, Dr. Marine Martirosyan and Pacific Dental Care are available for new forms of orthodontic treatments.

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