Laser Hair Removal Is in Top 3 Aesthetics Procedures

Hair removal may seem like a commodity that is widely available, yetstill remains the single most popular procedure around the world. For people who want to stop worrying about waxing or shaving ever so often, laser hair removal has been growing in popularity as a long-term option for people who want to get rid of unwanted body hair. Apart from smoother skin and a lasting effect, laser hair removal techniques also contribute toreducing the stubborn and ever-annoying ingrown hairs.

While the sales of at-home hair removal tools, such as epilators (23%), and IPL hairremoval devices (6%) have remained steady over the past three years, the permanent hair removal market is seeing impressive growths. With over 91% of women in Canada wanting to definitely get rid of body hair, it’s no surprise 41%of aesthetic clinics are looking to step up their game with hair removal machines.

A 2017 report looked into the latest numbers and trends related to the aesthetics industryand found that laser hair removal is one of the top three revenue-generating treatments that 70% of U.S. clinics provide. The report also highlights the fact that laser hair removal has become one of the most commonand fast-growing aesthetic procedures requested by men, with the main zones treated being the back, buttocks and pubic area. With women, hair removal is a whole different story and one that has been in continuous change since the 1980s. Nowadays, about 90% report removing at least some of the hair on their bodies.

As a leader in aesthetic technology development, SharpLight designs innovative, professional machines that are laser and light-based and highly effective in permanently removing unwanted hair. How effective? Usually 80 to 90%is completely gone, however multiple sessions are needed to ensure optimal results.On average, a person requires between three to seven session for best results with improvements being observed as fast as just a couple of weeks. An average of 10 to 15% hair reduction has been usually reported after each session.

Everyone is very much aware of how painful waxing or other traditional hair removal techniques can be, so another benefit when undergoing laser treatment is that they are very well tolerated. The majority of people (87%) who had the procedure have reported it to be virtually pain-free, according to a survey.While it can definitely be slightly uncomfortable, it will definitely cause less soreness and aching.

Laser hair removal aims to completely eradicate body hair by discontinuing the re-growing process since the hair follicle is destroyed by the laser beam and ceases regenerating for long periods of time. Imagine how much time not having to worry about removing unwanted hair can be freed up this way, considering it is estimated that 88% of women spend over four months of their life removing body hair.

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