Lukachi LLC offering custom-made merchandise for pet lovers

Lukachi LLC offering lovers of pets a wide range of custom-made materials with the launch of Urban Pet Friends

Urban Pet Friends is a unique online platform designed to offer lovers of pets and animals the best of premium quality merchandise that allows them to show their love for their favorite pets anywhere and everywhere they go. The platform offers users a wide range of custom-made materials for all breeds of pets, ensuring that each person gets a product that best suits him or her.

Pets are great companions and there are cases where people tend to get more attached to their pets than even family and friends. This is quite understandable considering how loving and caring these pets can be which led to dogs being tagged men’s best friends. However, it is rather unfortunate that many pet and animal lovers find it difficult to show their love for their pets outside their home, especially when are not with them. Urban Pet Friends is, however, aiming to change the story with the provision of custom-made materials of different categories of products to ensure that lovers carry their favorite pets anywhere and everywhere.

With different categories of products on offers, pet lovers are sure of getting a merchandise for their pets. Some of the products offered by Urban Pet Friends include fashion accessories such as wallet case, interior décor items like canvas frame, and a collection of amazing and beautiful slip on, with an apparel section that offers high-quality clothing for women, men, kids, and babies. Urban Pet Friends also offer different colorful pet-themed backpacks for all age groups.

The platform is particularly unique for its comprehensiveness as it contains products for virtually all kinds and breeds of animals and pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, pig, parrot, cow, and horse.

Urban Pet Friends’ unique combination of affordability, creativity, and quality further sets it apart from others in the market, as it amazing discount deals ensure that pet lovers do not have to break the bank to get their favorite items. It currently offers a free worldwide shipping offer on all orders above $30, with a 60-day refund/replacement policy for unsatisfied customers.

More information about Urban Pet Friends and the products offered can be found on the website. Urban Pet Friends is also available across different social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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