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Welcome to Dajiangyou. This is a place where you will find authentic Chinese food. We understand that finding a physical store can be difficult, especially if you don’t live close by to the location, this is why you can order everything online. Whether you are from China or Taiwan or just interested in eating authentic food, this is the best site to visit. We have stores in many countries such as Germany. We have the Asian Super, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic and France’s Asian Super-League. There are also stores in many other countries across Europe.

Often people move to Europe from China because of better future prospects. Others might move to be close to their families and children. Whatever the reason, we miss our home. If you have an elder person or a young child, things can be confusing for them. They cannot go out easily and maybe they do not always know how to communicate efficiently in English. This is why our site is in Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese)? Getting their favourite treats will help them to acclimatise better. After all, so many of our memories are linked to food. Get your mother the brand of lotus seed porridge to help her. Maybe you can buy your son their favourite bar of candy to make him happy. All these items and more are available on www.dijianguou.eu

When one moves to a foreign country the thing missed the most is the food. Whether you miss the Matcha flavoured potato chips that Lays doesn’t make in Europe or you’re craving umbrella cake from Taiwan, our site will help you. At Dajiangyou you can find whatever you are in the mood to eat.

Perhaps you are in the mood to cook some delicacies from home. Or perhaps you want to cook some authentic Chinese food for a loved one. We have many brands of sauces and noodles to choose from. Our selection includes soy sauce, oyster sauce, mushroom sauce and many others. We also have a good range of lunch meats and packaged fish for you to choose from.

When you miss the taste of home, our site has all the treasures you need to make you less home sick. We have quick express delivery options so you don’t have to wait too long for your order. You will also find many offers and sales on products. We understand that you might receive a damaged product, that can happen as these items are shipped a long distance. Perhaps on inspection you find that the sell by date is past. You can return these and receive a 100% refund within 14 days.

We have an online loyalty programme that gives you points for every purchase. This can be redeemed for cash back. If you invite a member then both of you will receive points as well. Out products are 100% original and authentic. You can buy them without any worries. We are the best and most reliable online store in Europe for Chinese food items.

Whether you have recently moved to Europe or have been here for a while, it is natural to miss home. Dajiangyou can help you to recreate the sights and smells with your favourite foods. We also have a blog you can visit to read what other new immigrants are experiencing. You will also find many other tips on life in a new foreign country. Be sure to visit our site whether you miss food from home or want to read more about other experiences.

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