The Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment With An Innovative Technology By MediLASE

If you’re looking for a professional and safe experience with long laser hair removal effects then MediLASE are the professionals you can trust. With the use of innovative and effective PRO-U Technology, you can expect guaranteed results of completely permanent laser hair removal.

With the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration as well as the EU CE, you are ensured of safe procedures performed by qualified therapists. Every individual who is part of the MediLASE team only provides the strictest and most outstanding services to all their clients.

MediLASE has a passion for providing all Asian women with the confidence they need to have pure white and smooth skin by using effective and safe laser hair removal technology. With only four to six treatments in one year, you can be assured of permanent hair removal. The technology used removes up to 80% of dark hair leaving no blemishes behind whatsoever. 

The company has moved away from traditional cooling methods to align with the advanced technology now used in laser hair removal. The PRO-U Intelligent Cooling System is now the new and improved cooling method used to cool down the skin after each treatment. This type of technology instantly cools down the skin without ice which is the traditional method used.

Before any treatment can commence, clients must undergo a 30-minute skin evaluation to assess the skin’s reaction to laser treatment as well as to discuss the client’s specific needs and requests. The importance of the skin evaluation before the procedures is vital. Trained therapists need to be able to assess whether a client is eligible for any laser hair removal treatment program.

This is of paramount importance as everyone’s skin is unique therefore some may experience negative effects from the treatment such as skin burns or pigmentation amongst others. However, clients can be assured of treatment care before and after their procedures. 

Each client requires a specific and personal laser hair removal program with the assistance of the optical therapy director. A follow-up appointment is included in this process too. There are a variety of services offered by MediLASE which includes forearm, bikini line, upper back laser hair removal as well as two different types of laser treatment combo packages.

MediLASE welcomes all online registrations for the 30-minute PRO-U Analyzer Evaluation which is available for free. There are also several benefits of the treatment which you will be able to learn about.

It is important to note that our company prides itself on safe procedures and a high standard of professional service to each and every client. We guarantee our services by making use of one of the most innovative laser hair removal technologies. We are a trusted and reliable brand ensuring the best treatment programs for every client in need of permanent hair removal. 

If you would like any further information from us, please do not hesitate to contact us on our available telephone numbers which include a contact number for Whatsapp. We are eager to hear from you!

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