Advertiza Holdings (Pty) Ltd Initial Coin Offering launched successfully

Advertiza Holdings (Pty) Ltd a South African company which recently announced its intentions to raise funds through an ICO crowdfunding for the marketing of its app “Advertiza”, has successfully launched the ICO last week (Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018). The company is now calling upon interested parties to invest to assist the company roll-out its digital advertising app which runs on Android and iOS.


Advertiza is a digital advertising app to:

  1. Allow business/advertisers to purchase advertising and publish adverts on the app.
  2. Sends notifications to consumers whenever a new advert is published in the same location as consumer’s location
  3. Give consumers direction to exact location of the business using an inbuilt GPS navigation functionality
  4. Allow consumers to view adverts within certain kilometre radius of their device location
  5. Allow consumers to search adverts from specific business category, location, advert name, etc.
  6. Give consumers cash rewards every time they shop with outlets/businesses which are using Advertiza as their advertising platform.
  7. Allow consumers to redeem cash rewards earned while shopping from a business advertising in the app.
  8. Allow users to refer advertisers/business and earn commission of every package purchased by their business referral. NB: NO MULTI-LEVEL COMMISSION EARN. ONE ONLY EARN COMMISION FROM BUSINESSES THEY HAVE REFERRED. THE COMMISION IS ONLY EARNED WHEN THE BUSINESS PURCHASE AN ADVERTIZING SPACE.


The company printed 50 million TIZACOINs and made them available to the general public globally. Investors are invited to buy the coin. The ICO will run from 22 Aug 2018 to 28 Feb 2019 during which the value of the coin is expected to rise.

Tizacoin is a utility token which will only be used within Advertiza for purchasing of ad space. The coin is currently selling at $0.10 equivalent to R1.43 subject to rand dollar exchange.

Tizacoin selling stages:

1. Stage 1: 22 Aug to 30 Sept 2018 – 10% bonus

2. Stage 2: 1 October to 30 Nov 2018 – 5% bonus

3. Stage 3: 1 Dec to 28 Feb – 3% bonus

Advertiza Holdings (Pty) Ltd Founder & CEO, Jabu Masombuka is confident the ICO crowdfunding will gain momentum once people get to understand the concept behind Advertiza App. It is important for investors to understand the functional offerings and business case validity of the project they are investing in before putting their money in. I see many cryptocurrency enthusiast losing their investments because of the lack of understanding of the project the coin they are investing in is linked to. If you ask many cryptocurrency investors who invested on popular coins like bitcoin, ethereum, lite-coin, dash, etc, what the solution these coins provided is, many fail to provide a convincing answer. Which is why it becomes difficult for these investors to understand the appreciation and depression in value of these coins. Understanding the project in detail is key to cryptocurrency investors as this information is a measure by which to determine whether to invest or not.

The concept Advertiza app provides is a win-win solution to everyone who participates in the advertising value chain. This on its own must be an assurance to investors in that when the app is launched it will attract huge audience. The app which is almost ready is launching next month (September 2018). Unlike many ICOs where investors waits for a year or two for a project to come to live, Advertiza is almost ready in less than a months’ time investor could be enjoying their ROIs. There are a few minor defects and process changes identified which the dev team is busy fixing. This ICO is different to others in that the money raised through this crowdfunding is not to start the development of the app, but to assist in the marketing of the app and help the company setup and other operational running of the company. We intend to do a huge marketing campaign globally. This can only be made possible and expedited if we get investors to buy the Tizacoin, says Mr. Masombuka.

The initial investment to start the development of the app came directly from the founder, this on its own serves as a hint to investors of the trust I personally have in the project.  We intend to raise $5,000,000 through this crowdfunding and appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiast and investors in general to invest and support this initiative.


The coin is still going to be sold to advertisers for purchasing advert space after the app launch in September 2018. Investors must see this as a guarantee that their investment is secured not only by whether the ICO crowdfunding phase is a success or not. Most ICO fail at the point where capital to fund the project is not achieved. Advertiza project success in not depended on the success of raising this capital, but the capital raised will help a lot in launching an aggressive marketing campaign and other needed operations which will see investors getting quicker returns on their investments.


It is expected that the coin will appreciate in value after the app launch as the demand to publish advert increases from advertisers. Remember Tizacoin will be used to purchase ad space on Advertiza App, said Mr Masombuka.

As Tizacoin investors are currently buying at $0.10 appreciates the dividends goes directly to investors. Investors could realise returns on their investment even before the launch of the app. Blockchain automatically increases the value of the coin when the demand for the coin increases. Investors are therefore encouraged to invite more people to buy the coin before the ICO deadline in February 2019.

Interested parties must visit to register and start buying the coins.

After registering join our WhatsApp ( or our Telegram ( to learn more and get information about your investment.  

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