Shenzhen Hippo Technology Service Co., Ltd. is on the New York Times NASDAQ

Recently, Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. has made its first global appearance on the NASDAQ financial street in New York, the United States, and has become an outstanding service provider for China’s financial technology system, showing the powerful charm of China’s financial technology to the world.

The New York Times Square NASDAQ big screen has been known as the world’s premier screen and is the center of global marketing, and therefore has become the stage for well-known domestic brands to go out to the world. Leading Chinese enterprises such as Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and JD have all appeared on this screen before.

As we all know, global competition in the future must be brand competition. More and more Chinese enterprises attach more importance to the influence of branding when adjusting their development strategies. This time, Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. has landed itself onto the NASDAQ big screen of Times Square, New York, which not only conveys the brand concept and image of Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd., but also shows the strength of Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. This is of milestone significance for the company’s future strategic planning.

After years of work, Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd., as a leading service provider of financial technology systems in China has four core advantages: 1. Risk control of big data: It is based on the huge risk control data, relies on the system to build large data core algorithms, open source cloud data access multi-dimensional channels, and is built specifically for Internet users microfinance demand characteristics for learning of the risk control model; 2. Multi-dimensional personal credit evaluation: Screen massive user data, builds a user credit score model, determines the factors affecting the probability of defaults, and gives weights and multi-dimensional evaluations of user credit levels and reduces the risk of defaults; 3. Data closed-loop management: Powerful credit data can increase the customer price, improve conversion rates and promote the purchase quantity for scenario parties. Meanwhile, real-time data feedback can further improve credit data management and form an effective closed loop; 4. Open up capital channels to form a closed trading loop: To provide financial institutions with SAAS financial system customization, risk control models and other all-around financial solutions, so as to realize the stable, efficient and safe closed-loop flow of funds between capital institutions and enterprise users.

In the future, Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. will be based on being local, future-oriented and world-oriented, striving to build a leading and highly competitive communication brand in China. This is the development goal of Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. At the same time, Shenzhen Hippo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. has implemented this goal in its quality service for a long time, and brought a full range of financial technology experience to users and partners with professional, considerate and enthusiastic service!

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